Influencers! Lessons Top Thinkers Teach Web Developers

Influencers are people just like you and me, except they do things that look and feel exceptional. The individuality of their chosen path turns us into believers. For a web developer, the lessons you learn especially from influencers are often awe-inspiring and life-changing.

When you think about web development, it always comes down to code and design. Your fluency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript are tested along with other related programming languages like PHP and SQL. You also keep abreast of the latest web technologies happening in the web world like Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). However from a business perspective, you also need skills that go beyond basic coding.

Web development is a business, irrespective of if you are an entrepreneur, solopreneur or have a team of 50+ designers. To be successful, you need to think laterally, logically and professionally on how to attract clients and what strategies you place that pushes you forward. This is exactly where influencers help, they take the road uncharted so that you can follow suit.

Lessons Top Influencers Teach

Rachel Andrew

CSS Grids is the latest innovation in web development. While FlexBox is still useful, the ability to modify both the rows and columns together in CSS Grids makes it a better option for responsive sites. Rachel is at the forefront of a small revolution about CSS Grids. Her blog Grid by Example explains all the different ways CSS Grids is useful. And her tutorials are concise and to the point with oodles of examples for different web development projects.

Influencers #1
Influencers #1 – Rachel Andrew of CSS Grids

What you Learn:

  • CSS Grids – coding in 2-dimension
  • Basic layout useful for all types of websites
  • Design implications
  • Easy to grasp and imitate in real-world projects
  • Solutions for common cross-browser issues

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Chris Coyier

You probably recognize Chris as the co-founder of CodePen, the highly popular online web development sandbox that allows you to tinker with code anytime you get inspiration. Chris however also has a very popular blog CSS Tricks. No fluff articles anywhere, the blog focuses entirely on the web development process. The articles are written for intermediate and advanced level web developers with some articles specifically aimed at beginner tactics. You also can read about how a particular problem is solved using videos and vivid images.

Influencers #2
Influencers #2 – Chris Coyier blogs the CSS Tricks.

What you Learn:

  • Everything about web development
  • Latest news related to web development
  • Techniques useful for web projects
  • Solutions to problems developers face while coding and designing
  • Front-end perspectives on design and development

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Jared Spool

UX designs are in high demand as they conform their thinking to what people want to see on a web page. And Jared is the champion of the people, right from 1978, well before usability was associated with computers. The founder of User Interface Engineering and co-founder of the Center Centre, he researches, teaches and designs projects that focus on heightening the user experience.

Influencers #3
Influencers #3 – Jared Spool Teaching Usability since 1978.

What you Learn:

  • All about User Design interface
  • Real-world examples of user designing
  • Advice on how to think about design implications always
  • Tips on bringing user design into your business
  • How to build the ultimate user experience

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Sundar Pichai

Google is everywhere these days. From driverless cars to paying your bills using Google pay. The company is launching many innovative ways using patented algorithms and coding techniques to achieve success. Being the CEO of Google, Sundar is in charge of services you probably are using like Gmail, Google search, YouTube and so on. Getting an understanding of how this man thinks is most beneficial for web developers.

Influencers #4
Influencers #4 – Sundar Pichai CEO of Google

What you Learn:

  • How to promote positive company culture
  • Inspire employees with introducing innovative projects
  • How to never forget your roots and incorporate those values and beliefs at work
  • Always keep thinking and innovating
  • Never stop learning new things

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Neil Patel

The master of digital marketing needs no formal introductions. He has single-handedly revolutionized the world of marketing, both online and offline. Using all the social media channels effectively, Neil is one of those influencers that talks about all the ways you can  communicate directly with the buyers. Tips and tricks are galore with Neil talking honestly about his ups and especially highlighting his downs in the world of SEO and marketing.

Influencers #5
Influencers #5 – Neil Patel Teaches you About Marketing.

What you Learn:

  • How to market your business
  • Why SEO is effective when done right
  • On-page and off-page SEO
  • How to SEO landing pages

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Tony Hsieh

Passion is the magic formula for entrepreneur Tony who has successfully built two companies that have made a major impact in the business world. Link Exchange was an internet advertising company that was bought by Microsoft for $265 million. While the online shoe retail business Zappos was bought by Amazon for $1.2 billion. The CEO of Zappos firmly believes in serving the people, whether it is his customers or his employees.

Influencers #6
Influencers #6 – Tony Hsieh CEO of Zappos

What you Learn:

  • How to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Passion is the highest form of motivation
  • Be happy to keep people happy
  • Building a great work culture
  • Inspire others by working with them for success

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Jeffrey Zeldman

The man who championed for web standards, Jeffrey is known to wear many hats. His “A List Apart” web magazine predominantly features design, development and web content within the realms of web standards. As a web developer, this man has tons to teach. He also has been blogging since 1995, where you will find useful information on standard-compliant design techniques.

Influencers #7
Influencers #7 – Jeffrey Zeldman Teaching Web Standards

What you Learn:

  • Insight into how web standards are established
  • The necessity for web standards
  • Types of web standards advocated
  • How to design and also develop websites using conventional standards

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Jeff Bezos

eCommerce is taking over the world and the company at the forefront is Amazon. Jeff’s vision of selling books online transcended into the biggest online retail company that sells products all over the world. It is believed that for every second delay in page loads, Amazon loses $1.6 billion in revenues. His now famously adopted “two pizza rule” for teams is especially visionary.

Influencers #8
Influencers #8 – Jeff Bezos Founder and CEO of Amazon.

What you Learn:

  • How to sell by not selling
  • Keep on experimenting
  • Be ruthless in your vision
  • Flexible in your plans
  • Think like a buyer to be best as a seller

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Syed Balkhi

There is perhaps no better advocate for the WordPress program than Syed. Having business acumen since high school, Syed started learning WordPress along with hiring a team to create WordPress sites for clients. The need to teach his clients how to use WordPress was the inspiration behind WPBeginner. The blog features tutorials that cater to beginners, intermediate and advanced WordPress users. Syed has also created WordPress extensions like WPForms and OptinMonster that has over 4 million users to date.

Influencers #9
Influencers #9 -Syed Balkhi creator of WPBeginner.

What you Learn:

  • WordPress – from beginner to advanced level techniques
  • Tips on creating WordPress sites
  • Technical writing can be fun
  • How to create a lucrative business niche

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Brian Dean

The founder of Backlinko has tons to say about content. The difference between great content and marketable content is how you promote the words. Just publishing a blog won’t get you high page ranks on Google. You need to show Google that you are formidable in your content, readable and also likable to readers. Getting high-quality links is often seen as impossible, but Brian has guaranteed methods of making this process easy.

Influencers #10
Influencers #10 – Brian Dean Expert in SEO and Getting High Quality Links.

What you Learn:

  • Difference between high-quality links and just links
  • How content inspires quality link building
  • Sharing and caring concepts explored
  • Getting organic traffic – the easy way

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Rand Fishkin

You probably are very familiar with Moz SEO tool sets that allow you to do a deep audit of websites against SEO implications. Rand was the co-founder of Moz until he left to start his own company SparkToro. The focus of the articles and advice is instrumental in businesses accomplishing their SEO goals. Rand is also the author of “Lost and Founder” where he talks about his entrepreneurial journey in a fun, sophisticated manner.

Influencers #11
Influencers #11 – Rand Fishkin Leader in SEO and Author of Lost and Founder.

What you Learn:

  • SEO isn’t boring
  • How Google works
  • YouTube SEO
  • Latest Trending SEO strategies
  • Branding by SEO

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Cyrus Shepard

SEO is a subject that is necessary for every business professional today. The way you get people to visit your website is an important aspect of marketing. Cyrus Shepard teaches SEO in easy to understand format. Working for Moz as the Lead SEO expert, Cyrus now has his own company Zyppy that caters to the SEO demand. As web developers, SEO is something that you can’t avoid. It is integrated into the way you code the pages, the words of the title page and even how content is arranged.

Influencers #12
Influencers #12 – Cyrus Shepard Teaches SEO

What you Learn:

  • What is SEO
  • How to do SEO effectively
  • SEO metrics relevant for business
  • What Google sees in your SEO
  • Long tail, short tail keywords

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Vitaly Friedman

Smashing Magazine is breaking the rules of engagement with every blog post. The articles are not only well written but also have a deeper impact on web developers, designers and industry experts. The forefront of this revolution in content is Vitaly, co-founder and also editor-in-chief of the magazine. In a conference in Serbia, Vitaly said, “I am tired of sameness on the web”. Content shouldn’t be rehashed or regurgitated. Instead it should be fresh and inspiring.

Influencers #13
Influencers #13 – Vitaly Friedman Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Smashing Magazine.

What you Learn:

  • JAMstack Fundamentals
  • How to design for Keyboard Accessibility
  • Ethical Coding and Writing
  • Design Warfare vs. Open Source

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Bill Gates

Microsoft Windows practically runs the world. The market share for just the Windows 10 program sits majestically at 79.24 percent. And the brain behind the most popular computer operating system in the world is Bill Gates. Pioneer, visionary and also an entrepreneur for personal computers, Gates has single-handedly changed the lives of how people work. Computers without Windows requires you to know a lot of computer jargon and programming syntax to just do simple things like Open, Exit, and Print.

Influencers #14
Influencers #14 – Bill Gates Inventor of Personal Computers Revolution.

What you Learn:

  • How to corner a niche market
  • Develop Mental Focus Tenacity
  • Adapt to New Changes
  • Be generous with Time and especially your Knowledge
  • Read to Learn

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Scott Hanselman

Programmer, teacher, speaker, podcaster and also an author of numerous books for web developers, Scott has done it all. He can literary talk to you about tech, open-source, web platforms and tools and computers non-stop. Working at Microsoft as the Principal Community Architect, Scott has a lot of insight in and also Azure Cloud services. Web developers around the world are always keen to get advice and tips and attend conferences where he is one of the key speakers or read his blog.

Influencers #15
Influencers #15 – Scott Hanselman Programmer, Teacher, Speaker, Podcaster and also Author.

What you Learn:

  • Microsoft Azure Cloud services
  • Visual Studio
  • Introduction to
  • Open Source Cross Platforms
  • Inner workings of a programmer’s mind

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Troy Hunt

Hackers anonymous probably won’t crop up soon. Unfortunately, the community of hackers, data breaches and malicious content isn’t taking a break. Troy is a leading data breach expert from Australia that talks about vulnerabilities on the internet. He has designed several dozen courses on security, ethical hacking and especially how to protect your business against data breaches.

Influencers #16
Influencers #16 – Troy Hunt Data Breach Expert

What you Learn:

  • Ethical hacking
  • Known vulnerabilities of a website
  • How to Secure Websites
  • Prevent Data Breaches
  • Attack First before Someone Else does Teaching Concept

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Khoi Vinh

One of the most influential design advocates is Khoi Vinh who currently holds the position of Principal Designer for Adobe. However his journey of making an impact starts with the Design Director position for The New York Times. Pushing creativity and especially thinking beyond the norm, Khoi attempts to break barriers in the design spectra. He also talks about why we should critically examine design aspirations to hone the given craft. Adaptability and curiosity are necessary traits to cope with the volatility of the design world.

Influencers #17
Influencers #17 – Khoi Vinh Principal Designer for Adobe.

What you Learn:

  • Critical analysis of design
  • Visual perception and also challenges
  • Designing for the Future tech
  • What works isn’t always good
  • Never settling for Just Ok

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Chris Messina

How can something as simple as a “#hashtag” become a symbol of power, change and especially influence? When Chris thought of the idea of using a hashtag, Twitter rejected the idea saying it looked “nerdy”. But Chris persevered and pitched the hashtag idea to friends and also family members, asking them to try it out. Soon it spread like wildfire, which coincidentally is how the hashtag was successfully used when #sandiegofire was used to talk about the 2007 San Diego wildfire.

Influencers #18
Influencers #18 – Chris Messina Inventor of “#hashtag”.

What you Learn:

  • Humility – Chris didn’t make a dime from this idea
  • Patience and perseverance
  • Nerdy ideas can become Hot
  • Nothing is small when innovating

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