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We carefully choose partners who can bring valuable solutions to our clients. We provide handle the complex task of hosting and securing your website, and making it fast. Still, there are many other needed services to build and maintain a successful business. We think these partners will help you towards that goal.

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In today’s cyber world, online store owners can no longer take a chance with cybersecurity. They must incorporate every available technology in order to protect their clients’ personal data in an effort to avoid breach notifications that result in customer attrition and damage the store’s online reputation. BlindHash’s patented technology is one piece to that cybersecurity puzzle. Their technology takes the burden of protecting your clients’ passwords off of the store owner. Passwords are more valuable to hackers than even credit card information because they can then use those passwords to access other sites where your clients may be using the same password as on your site. For a small fee and quick installation, you can eliminate the worry of protecting passwords.


1. Eliminates the possibility of a costly breach

Password theft puts our entire digital identity in the hands of cybercriminals, who use stolen credentials to cause billions of dollars in damages every year. BlindHash protects your systems, operations, brand, and most importantly, your customers from the most prevalent attack vector online today.

2. Unobtrusive

The BlindHash solution is completely transparent to your users. It provides an additive layer of security with no change to the login experience.

3. Simple & Secure

BlindHash is a single click install on all major platforms, and an open source library for your favorite language. BlindHash solution is easy to add or remove on a per-user basis. The BlindHash API is designed so that your organization keeps complete control over your own user data. BlindHash knows nothing about your users; not their username, nor their password, not even if a login attempt was successful.

4. Scalable

BlindHash can protect any number of passwords and no site is too large or too small. BlindHash system supports up to hundreds of thousands of logins per second, and provides responses in under 30 milliseconds.


1. A small investment protects against a major loss

A small investment in the security provided by BlindHash technology protects your business from major loss if your password database is compromised. It also protects your company against from the PR damage of having to report a data breach because even if someone hacks your system, they can never unlock the code to a password.

2. Seamless User Experience

BlindHash is completely transparent to the end-user, allowing companies to completely protect stored passwords without pushing complexity to the end-user.

3. Fully Additive Layer of Security

BlindHash works with your existing authentication infrastructure to measurably increase security with very low impact on back-end systems, and limited time requirements on IT staff.

4. Guaranteed Availability

BlindHash provide high availability through multiple levels of redundancy and fault tolerance, combined with a “shared nothing architecture” which allows the service to operate independently across multiple data centers, and avoid any single point of failure. BlindHash guaranties 100% uptime through multiple redundant data centers.

5. No lock-in

If for whatever reason you decide you want to stop using BlindHash , you can just turn it off. You don’t need to reset your user’s passwords, you can apply and remove the blind hash completely transparent to your users.

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