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We carefully choose partners who can bring valuable solutions to our clients. We provide handle the complex task of hosting and securing your website, and making it fast. Still, there are many other needed services to build and maintain a successful business. We think these partners will help you towards that goal.

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SFG is a leading technology solutions company, with our flagship outsourced order management system, FlexOMS™. We excel in serving ecommerce retailers, direct marketing companies, catalogers and subscription-based clients.
SFG grew up using our own systems to service our clients’ needs. Working with our clients’ marketing and operations thought leaders, FlexOMS has been enhanced for over 30 years to provide flexible and scalable order management solutions.


FlexOMS is a multi-channel distributed order management system that incorporates front-end and back-end operations such as receiving and processing customer transactions, managing inventory, and enhancing customer relationships using a relational database to service multiple business models.
Using hundreds of business rule tables, FlexOMS provides customization and scalability to manage the customer lifecycle from start to finish. The modular system design allows maximum flexibility to integrate seamlessly with existing tools and systems or supply an end-to-end solution.
FlexOMS offers real-time order entry through a variety of channels, including APIs, hosted web order forms and shopping carts, order entry systems and customer service, and supports orders via email, USPS, and secure file transfer.


Omnichannel ability enables clients to take orders and gather customer data from multiple locations or systems using a unified customer database for real-time, consolidated views of transactional information.
Inventory management allows a customizable set of inventory and distributed order management rules that handle allocation of inventory, oversee backorder options in real time, and set minimum and reorder triggers, regardless of location. FlexOMS can also handle returns processing as well as fulfillment and distribution practices, including receiving, storage and pick/pack operations.
Payment processing and data security are vital to a client’s business. Whether online, in the mail, or over the phone, FlexOMS provides secure solutions and is PCI compliant at the highest level, providing cost savings and adherence to industry best security practices. Payment processing through FlexOMS also offers Account Updater and auto-renewal support.
Customer database management can be overwhelming, especially if there are multiple disparate systems within the client’s technology infrastructure. With the information contained in or integrated with SFG’s unified customer database, clients have a 360 degree view of their customers and can manage the customer lifecycle, including future marketing and advertising, enhanced ecommerce functions, and brand experience to provide a completely seamless shopping experience and improve customer engagement and retention.
Integration capabilities and APIs enable FlexOMS to communicate with multiple systems in real-time while providing lower cost of hardware, software, upgrades and other infrastructure investments, as well as fewer vendors in the mix.
FlexOMS can be combined with optional services from SFG, or integrated with other third party providers’ solutions.


In addition to the capabilities offered in FlexOMS, SFG offers technology and operations solutions such as:
•Fulfillment operations – outsource to us your pick/pack,packaging, lettershop, postal management, shipping, inventory management, returns processing, billing and invoicing, and physical payment processing operations in our secure, audited environment
•Customer care – SFG offers call center, cross-sell/upsell,and order processing services such as data entry, remittance processing, and AMOE, along with online and direct mail customer services
•Data hygiene – ensure your marketing efforts and yourpackages are being delivered to the correct person at the correct address
•Integrated business intelligence (BI) – understand more aboutyour customers and their behaviors with your brand