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We carefully choose partners who can bring valuable solutions to our clients. We provide handle the complex task of hosting and securing your website, and making it fast. Still, there are many other needed services to build and maintain a successful business. We think these partners will help you towards that goal.

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Shopper Approved

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Shopper Approved has consistently collected up to 70x more ratings and reviews than their competitors – all without any ads, contests, incentives, or outside funding. As they’ve expanded into other areas like Local reviews and Product reviews, they’ve continued to set the standard; testing new ideas and opening new distribution channels in order to help their clients collect and display as many quality customer ratings and reviews as possible.

Reviews have become more critical as online shopping becomes the norm. 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from someone they know, and star-rating is the most important factor used by consumers to judge a business.

The Shopper Approved standard surveys are designed to easily blend into your existing site design. There are special advanced options available if you want your survey to match your website exactly. Survey questions can be edited and additional questions can be added to your survey to help you better understand your customer’s needs.

Simply collecting reviews is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to creating a positive online reputation. Merchants must also be able to manage negative reviews. Shopper Approved instantly alerts you if a customer leaves a 1 or 2 star rating, and you can reach out to that customer via a private message board to help them resolve their issue. Once the issue is resolved, the customer has the opportunity to update and improve their initial ratings.

In addition, if you try to reply to a customer and they don’t respond, Shopper Approved will place a message below their review, informing other customers that you made an attempt to resolve their issue. You also have the opportunity to leave a public statement. These public statements are incredibly valuable as they allow you to respond to the issue publicly so that other consumers can see you attempted to resolve the problem. This goes a long way to build trust and loyalty – especially on a negative review.

Shopper Approved Services

1. Merchant Reviews

Merchant Reviews are reviews collected from your customers regarding their overall shopping experience. Shopper Approved uses a proven 2-step process. An initial survey collects information right after a consumer makes a purchase. A full survey is then emailed to that consumer once they have received their order. This survey is more complete and is where product questions would be included. Reviews are then syndicated to multiple locations like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

2. Product Reviews

Product Reviews are collected from your customers via an email survey once they have received their physical products. This is the full survey referenced in merchant reviews as well. These reviews are added to each product page on your site to help educate and motivate new potential customers to buy. In addition, Shopper Approved display these 5-Star reviews in your Google Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) and on Google Shopping.

3. Local Reviews

Local Reviews can be collected either in your place of business or on the go. Using Shopper Approved wide assortment of review tools, including their iPhone Video Testimonial and Review app, local reviews are directed toward one location of your business (for example, if you own a flower shop with multiple locations, local reviews allow you to collect reviews about one specific location). Once a review is collected, it is syndicated to multiple strategic locations online to get you the most exposure possible.