Guest Post from our Partner Magestore – 4 Quick Steps to choose a POS System for your business

While Magento is well-known for its flexibility & open-source function, then Magento Extensions are known as big improvements on Magento. Among all of the top nifty-extension providers, Magestore is standing out as one of the best Magento Developers. 8 years experience in Magento. 7 years working with Point-of-Sales (POS) market. Successfully provided Point-of-Sales solution for more than 50,000 retailers around the globe.

We understand that you may wander a lot about which POS Systems you should buy and from which providers. Don’t worry!

Magestore is here to help your growing business with 4 Quick Steps to choose the best POS Systems

<<4 Steps to choose Magento POS pdf>>

Or else, you can jump right into your final decision with Magestore POS

Work Smoothly without the Internet

Unstable Internet Connection is your terrible nightmare?! But not with Magestore POS. The Magestore POS allows you to continue selling even when the Internet suddenly drops down. With the high technology of IndexedDB Storage, all the orders are kept within the system when at offline mode and synchronized with the database when you’re back online.

Automatically Sync data  

Entering a huge amount of database every end of the day, your hands must have been hurt and your mind is full of stress. Don’t worry! Magestore POS module is the best therapy for this situation with its flawless data synchronization. The system will automatically sync data from your POS in online and offline stores to backend management system (especially Inventory Management) whenever the change comes. Better yet, the Data Synchronization does not affect your working process. No interruption. No stress. You will totally relax after a busy day.

Flash Checkout

Are you stuck in the checkout process? Is the waiting queue long and angry? If yes, then this is a sign to trans to Magestore POS. The Magestore POS System is well-known for its checkout in one step in 1 second. Everything you need to enter (from customer information to payment, etc.) will be shown on only one page. You, or even your new staffs, can use it smoothly without any doubts.

Flexible Payments

No matter wherever customers pay (in-store, online, on delivery), whichever types they choose (credit card, debit card, cash) and however they pay (split, multiple, or custom payments), Magestore POS will satisfy all. The Magestore POS is cooperating with leading payment providers all around the world (, PayPal, Stripe, Bambora, etc.) to make every sale count faster and safer.

Effective Management

You can set permissions to each staff levels. You can lock/unlock specific Point-of-Sales system to your staffs. You can track their individual accounts and sales reports in a blink. And more! The Magestore POS system allows you to assign right permissions to the right person with a high security and effective multi-store management.  Moreover, the module also provides a working shift function to help your sale staff management cash flow her/his shift. You also can drill deeper into your POS activities in real time via 10 different reports divided into the following groups: Staff Reports, Location Reports, and Payment Reports.

If you are still suspecting with these outstanding features from Magestore POS, then take a look at these 5 quick facts.

5 quick facts about Magestore POS

#1: 50,000+ retailers are using Magestore POS

#2: Time to complete an order

Search customers/Adding new customer: 1s

Scan barcode: 0.3s

Filling other checkout information: 2s

⇒ Total Time = 3.3s

#3: POS can handle 100,000 SKUs and 100,000 customers

#4: Easy to install Magestore POS by yourself (Read this case study)

#5: Free Support for 1 year, Free Upgrade for Lifetime

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