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LiteMage Cache

Free LiteMage Cache
Supercharge Your Magento Store

LiteMage Cache is the world’s fastest Magento Full Page Cache for Magento 1 and Magento 2. It is at least 7x faster and 6x more scalable than Apache or Nginx + Varnish + Turpentine. Learn More

Aspiration CDN

Free Aspiration CDN
Improve Performance Worldwide

Our in-house Aspiration CDN relies on a global network of high-performance CDN PoPs with over 50+ cities across six continents for faster page loading times, higher converstion rates and higher Google ranking. Learn More

Auto Installers

Free Magento Auto Installers
Deploy Magento Easily & Rapidly

Easily deploy Magento 1 and Magento 2 with the Installatron Application Installer and Softaculous Application Installer in your cPanel with us. You can Install, Upgrade, Backup, Clone and Uninstall Magento with our Auto Installers.

Our tailor-made Magento Hosting solutions can grow with your business

Pure SSD Storage

We use the lightning fast SSD coupled with our speedy 10 Gbps backend network to ensure the best possible performance and disk I/O.

Aspiration Cloud

Unlike other Cloud, our in-house Aspiration Cloud offers redundancy and uptime without sacrificing performance or compatibility.

Magento Support

Our engineers are very experienced with Magento related issues. We also offer Free Web Development Support to all clients.

Improvement Tips

We have a performance improvement guide for paid clients which is constantly updated. Learn More (Login Required).

Try our Demo Stores

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We have a range of hosting services that will suit the smallest to the biggest of businesses

The following is a general guideline to help you choose the right hosting service for your Magento store
  • Hosting Plan
  • Price
    Per Month
  • Store Size
  • Resources
  • Need More
  • AspirePlus
  • From $24.99
  • Small to Medium
  • Shared
  • Learn More
  • AspirePro
  • From $64.99
  • Medium to Large
  • Shared
  • Learn More
  • Cloud Server
  • From $149.00
  • Large
  • Guaranteed
  • Learn More
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