5 Ways to Sell More with MagePlus Online – Aspiration Hosting Newest Plan

Selling online has become easier, faster, and more scalable with MagePlus online stores. With MagePlus, you can set up your store in a day and bring your brand to life.

5 powerful features of MagePlus online stores that will transform the way you sell forever

5 powerful features of MagePlus online stores that will transform the way you sell forever

1. Quick Setup

MagePlus online stores will allow you to create your fully customizable eCommerce stores up in just one day. We will install Magento and will configure the site for you. So, instead of spending time configuring your site, you can use that time to build your site.

2. Easy checkout

One of the main problem eCommerce stores facing now is the cart abandonment. According to MultichannelMerchant, reducing the number of steps for checkout will reduce the cart abandonment. Since MagePlus is coming up with one-page checkout and guest checkout it will ease the purchase through your online store and will reduce cart abandonment rate.

3. Fully customizable

The main problem with the online stores now available is that they are not allowing you to customize your store much. Since you will have the source code with MagePlus, you can customize your website completely.

4. Plenty of templates and plugins

You can integrate thousands of Magento plugins and change the functionality of your site as you like. Also, you can change the look and feel of your site by using the thousands of templates available online.

5. Best performance

MagePlus is coming up with 99.9% uptime. Since our servers are running on cloud SSD drives powered by LiteSpeed web server it will make sure that your site will load very fast. Also, Aspiration content delivery network and LiteMage will make sure that you will be giving the best experience to the customers.

By using MagePlus online stores, you can focus on things that matter and we will handle the rest. So, get MagePlus and launch your eCommerce store today itself.

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