How to improve DNS Performance by Anycast DNS

Have you heard about Anycast DNS? DNS means Domain Name System which supports many of the internet applications. And it also helps convert alphabetic website address into a machine-readable form. Which makes it easier for a human to remember alphabetic website address. Think of Google. Is it easier to remember or But for a machine it also needs to be converted into a numeric IP address. This is where Anycast DNS comes in play. It is a single source that connects with multiple nodes with the same IP address.

Anycast DNS
Anycast DNS – the easiest way to speed up your site.

Benefits of Anycast DNS

1. High reliability and Faster page loading time

Anycast DNS is easy to use especially if you are familiar with how a content distribution works. In unicast, there is only one server with single IP. Therefore all the request from a site will end up with that single server. Anycast has only one IP, but with different servers. So once a request is made, it is transferred to the nearest sever. This makes the service highly available and reliable. Resulting in faster page loading.

2. Enhanced Security

Provides stronger defense than unicast. Anycast DNS will help to withstand sudden failures. Data is shared with different data centers. This makes it difficult for the attackers to focus on one single point to destroy. Anycast DNS is an effective method to mitigate DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks use botnets and different strategies to collapse ever server with so much information that they can’t adapt.

3. Higher Conversion Rate

A higher conversion rate relies upon a few factors, which must be satisfactory to yield the desired outcomes. The factors are the interest level of the visitor, the appeal of the offer, and the simplicity of the process. Anycast DNS shortens the waiting time of the visitor after he makes his request, therefore the chances for that visitor to stick around is higher. This easily helps converting a visitor to customer by increasing his expected level of service.

4. Lower Latency

Anycast DNS connects the request of a visitor to the nearest server, to ensure fastest loading time and also lower latency. Long delay time will effect the bounce rate. Visitors will not stick around if it takes a long time to process their request. So automatically people will leave the site. This affects the Google page ranking.

5. Good Performance

Suppose an Anycast DNS server goes down. The traffic is then directed to another server within the same Anycast group. This is handled by the routing protocol based upon topology. And thus the delay in loading the request is negligible from the end-user perspective. This technology improves the performance of your site as well as apps.

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