How Aspiration CDN helps to improve your website loading speed?

Hope you all have heard a lot about CDN. But still, people don’t know how this CDN works or how this CDN affect your business. We Aspiration Hosting comes with Aspiration CDN. Let’s start with “what is CDN?”. CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is the backbone of the internet to deliver data to the visitors.  On a daily basis, we all are using CDN while watching videos, doing online shopping, reading some articles etc.

A CDN will physically shorten the distance between the visitor and the data requested. For that CDN will stores the data in multiple servers so once a data request arises from a visitor the CDN will take the data from the nearest server located near to the visitor and display it to the visitor. This will happen within a blink of an eye. Thus CDN improves the page load speed.

Aspiration CDN

Handle High traffic

Everyone in this world is in a hurry. Whether people are browsing internet through mobile devices or through desktops they are expecting data to arrive at lightning speed. If their expectations fails to meet then you lose your business. That’s it.  In this case, you can make use of a CDN. Traditionally the site content is hosted in the main server but now in CDN the site content is hosted on multiple servers at different locations. So once a request arises CDN delivers the data from the server closest to each visitor. This eliminates the lag time.

Website Security

CDN act as a perfect high security fence to prevent attack on your website. It is ideal for blocking DDoS floods. CDN is a traffic guard which will control the flow of incoming requests in a such a way to avoid the traffic jam.

Improves page load speed

CDN handles the traffic perfectly and also improves the page load speed. Aspiration Hosting comes with Aspiration CDN for faster page loading times, higher conversion rates and higher Google ranking.

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