Top reasons to pick a Cloud Hosting for Magento E-Commerce Store

It’s been two decades or more the cloud-based hosting technology has been introduced. Though still, many Magento users still kept their faith in old conventional hosting plans. Today we’ll establish a set of arguments on the advantages of Magento Cloud Hosting over regular hosting services.

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What is a Magento Regular or Shared Hosting?

In regular hosting, a group of sites is being hosted by sharing resources such as disk space, storage, database and, bandwidth, etc. Generally, Shared hosting requires a server to host multiple websites.

However, we always recommend avoiding such hosting plans for higher traffic sites. For example, Magento E-commerce sites. Still, there are merchants who are using Shared hostings as an option by pushing the site into security threads.

What is a Magento Cloud Hosting?

In contrast, a combination of servers is being used to host a site instead of depending on a single server. So, the can site itself can switch between servers to connect database in case of an issue such as speed.

On another hand,  by cloud computing technology we can push multiple machines to work together by synchronizing them into one.  As a result, we can handle higher traffic efficiently with more speed and flexibility.

Following are the reasons to pick Magento Cloud hosting over regular or shared hosting for an E-commerce site.

Magento Cloud Hosting Vs Regular Hosting – Speed

According to statistics, 40% of the users leave the site that takes more than 3 secs to load.  We don’t want that to happen to our store. Because the probability of sales increase with the average time the customer spends on a particular website.  So, more speed means more sales.

For example, Amazon claimed a loss of every second due to page loading cost them about $1.6 billion a year.

So, if you’re in a shared server, it is natural to face the problems such as slowing down or unresponsiveness. Generally, the problems can arise due to a hike in site traffic in particular day hours. In contrast, Magento Cloud hostings provide more storage and bandwidth than the conventional one.  So, say goodbye to page loading.

Magento Cloud Hosting Vs Regular Hosting – Security

Transaction of sensitive data such as credit card information, name, address, etc are very common in an E-commerce store on a regular basis. So, security is one of the main concern of the merchants.

According to our study, about 94% of stores saw improvement regarding security by converting in cloud hosting plans. Because of technology such as data encryption. Means the sensitive data are transmitted over networks from the database storage are encrypted by the cloud which lowers the possibility of data being hacked.

Magento Cloud Hosting Vs Regular Hosting – Uptime

Moreover, Regular Hosting packages claim to provide 99.99% uptime. However, truly speaking the nature of Shared Hosting is incompatible for maintaining large traffic and may often face the downtime.

In contrast, Cloud Hosting host each client from the dedicated server means no compromise with the issues like downtime.  However, Cloud Hosting might share resources, as they’re a cluster of servers. So, whenever one server goes down the clients will be redirected to another server to serve the purpose of sharing resources.

Magento Cloud Hosting Vs Regular Hosting – File Sharing

In general, Magento sites are large in size due to their functionalities and open source extensions.  For the same reason, merchants love to use the cloud-based Hosting services for a building site with Magento. Magento Cloud Hosting provides impeccable speed to share large files among cloud networks saves cost and time.

Magento Cloud Hosting Vs Regular Hosting – Backup & Recovery

As we don’t have any control over accidents or natural disasters, sometimes the best business management might fail. In such cases, we may need to recover our valuable data. So by keeping such incidents in mind, most Cloud Hosting today provides the backup facilities. Further, they also ensure the security and optimal ways to recover them from anywhere directly from the cloud in the fastest way.

In conclusion, expect the pricing the Magento Cloud Hosting is the winner of the above Head-to-Head comparison. Though we need to maintain a strict budget still the results should be our first concern regarding E-commerce. Cloud Hostings provides us an extra edge over Shared Hostings and ensures the growth, sustainability, and optimal results with time.  So, spending some extra dollars on cloud hosting worths for Magento website.

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