Recovering backend access on local servers

There are a lot of coders these days using XAMPP & WAMP etc. as their localhost Mage server. However, a localhost Magento admin may face different problems. Hence one of the most common problems is enabling to login in to the backend. Sometimes Localhost Magento Admins can’t access the backend even using correct details (username or id & pass). Though we will discuss “How to fix this issue?”. So, the coders are advised to keep a backup of files we’re going to modify.

The login issue with Localhost Magento Admin

localhost magento admin

So, the problem arises and pops out the following screen. Even every time the Localhost Magento Admin tries to login using username and pass. Hence the Localhost Mage Admin keeps trying to access correct username and pass. Even using the correct details the page keeps redirecting to same page. Also, there is no error massage pop in. As a result, we can guess that the credentials are correct .

Solving the Localhost Magento Admin login issue

There is a simple solution to this problem. This can be solved easily by editing the Varien.php in Magento directory.We need to follow few simple steps to solve the problem with admin login to backend. We just need to edit the “Varien.php” file inside the Mage directory using cPanel editor or Ftp etc.

1. Firstly under Root DIR folder of server, locate the Magento Root DIR. In most of the cases paths are as below described.


2. Now navigate and open the Varien.php with cPanel editor. Either download the file using ftp and open with any text editor for example: Notepad++.

3. Then press Ctrl+F5 to start a “find” tab. Next locate “cookieParams” under the Varien.php file.

4. Now comment out the green color codes.

localhost magento admin

5. Hereafter return to the log in page of Admin panel. Next insert the correct username and password. Hence the credentials should respond this time. Finally, the Admin panel should appear.

The following steps are tested previously on local servers (using Mage ver 1.9.2 in XAMPP 5.6.3)

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