3 Easy Benefits of MagePlus – Aspiration Hosting’s New Plan

Hosting plans for Magento come in all shapes and sizes. This however can get confusing for newcomers into the eCommerce scene. Magento 2 demands certain basic requirements of a host. If the hosting plan isn’t optimized for Magento 2, your store speed suffers, which in turn leads to lower sales. To combat this, Aspiration Hosting has launched a brand new cloud hosting plan just for Magento 2 store owners who want to make their life easy. The MagePlus Online Plan is almost like a one stop plan in which you just buy the plan and watch our techs work. Let’s look at three benefits of Mageplus for store owners.

3 Easy Benefits of MagePlus:


Setting up an eCommerce store can be frustrating. There are so many checkboxes that need to be ticked before the launch. However with MagePlus, you won’t have any of this tension. Our trained techs will setup your store in just 1 day. We will install the Magento store program and also help you configure the store for maximum benefit.

Design and Development

Another major worry for newcomers is finding the right design and development team. Not only is the budget worrisome, but also if you will find someone suitable to achieve your vision. There are numerous online horror accounts of how developers leave jobs before completing the project and so on.

Benefits of MagePlus
You don’t have to worry about budgets with Aspiration Hosting. Choose MagePlus Online for all your Magento store needs.

MagePlus gives you that peace of mind you want. At Aspiration Hosting, we have certified design and developers who will help you in creating the perfect store for you. We will install the theme of your choice and depending on the plan, also extensions. We will also recommend extensions that you might need to make your store more user friendly. A great starting point would be the Magento Marketplace.


Newcomers always worry about budgets. With MagePlus, you just spend $1 for the first month, and get your store up and running. This means, for one full month, you have the potential to experiment with your products and markets without any financial constraints.

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