Tips on Selecting the Best eCommerce Hosting Platform

Selecting the best eCommerce hosting can always be confusing. There are two kinds of hosting solutions – hosted and self-hosted solutions. So, let’s see some of the things you have to consider while selecting the best eCommerce hosting platform.

How to select the best eCommerce Hosting Platform

Tips on Selecting the Best eCommerce Hosting Platform

Hosted eCommerce solution

You will get your store launched immediately when you sign up for a hosted eCommerce solution. The best example for a hosted solution is MagePlus. So it will give you installed and configured Magento store in just one day. Also with MagePlus, you don’t have to worry about the technical details as our techs will configure the site for you.

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Self -hosted eCommerce solution

Self- hosted eCommerce solutions like Magento have to be downloaded and installed to your choice of hosting. Your choice of hosting will determine the future of your eCommerce store. If you are planning to start a Magento store, then the best hosting option will be Aspiration Hosting. We provide optimized hosting for Magento.

Some features of Aspiration Hosting

  1. Cloud hosting
  2. SSD drives – SSD drives are 20 times faster than SATA drives and 3-4 times faster than HDD. Therefore you will get fast hosting for your websites.
  3. Magento optimized hosting
  4. Regular backup – Regular backing up of your website will help you to meet any unpredictable emergencies.
  5. 99.9% uptime
  6. Aspiration CDN helps your website to load faster around the world.
  7. Regular scanning of the server helps protect you from any possible threat of the virus.
  8. 24/7 support so that you will get immediate help if something went wrong.
  9. Softaculous or Installatron installers with the cPanel.
  10. We also have servers around the world, which will help the websites to load faster with the customers.

The final decision of choosing the hosting for your eCommerce store will depend on your business goals and objectives. So, whether you are looking for hosted or self-hosted eCommerce platforms, Aspiration Hosting has solutions for you.

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