Best Magento Themes – How to Pick the Right One

The best Magento themes help you to sell better. These are usually themes that give you leeway to customize and create your own distinctive brand. Picking the right one however can be difficult. Which features are relevant, and what features are useful isn’t easy to decide. In lieu of these things, let’s make the process easier. Let’s look at the features the best Magento themes possess.

Best Magento Themes Features:


Branding of any store starts with color. This is true for both offline and online stores. Color is long associated with emotion, and you want your potential customers to feel happy and content when they visit your store. However be wise in your color choices. A splash of red now and then is better than choosing the entire background as red. And this consideration doesn’t just go for the background, but also the font colors.

Best Magento Themes
Fonts are the way your customers navigate easily. Choose a font that makes reading easy.


The next thing you need to check is the font of the theme. How readable is the text and do they stand out. If you are unable to judge, ask your family and friends for help. Read expert articles on font selection or better yet, ask your developer. Remember there is nothing wrong with going with a boring font, if it makes people understand what your product is all about.

Home Page

First impressions are just as important for online businesses as offline. While in offline stores, you can entice your customers with newly brewed coffee or a sweet smelling perfume, online stores need to be more creative. Look at your homepage from the customer’s point of view. See how your menu lines up, where the Login button is situated. Is the Contact Us information easily accessible? Are the latest product offerings easy to spot? Think about what you want your customers to see first – the brand you carry, the products you sell or perhaps a promotional discount you are offering.

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