Best Magento Web Hosting – 3 Ways You Found the Best

If you Google Magento web hosting, you will get pages and pages of people offering hosting services. However finding the best Magento web hosting among all this is daunting. There are so many questions you want to ask. And you spend a lot of time looking up plans, chatting with the sales agent and what not. However let’s make it simple for you. We have 3 ways in which you know you have found the best Magento web hosting ever.

Best Magento Web Hosting – 3 Ways to End your Search

Cloud with SSD

Cloud servers are the best at there is rarely any down time and you can easily update the plans when you need more resources. Aspiration Hosting goes further in offering cloud hosting plans with SSD drives. These hard disks are 20 times faster than any other hard disk available in the market.

Aspiration Hosting also has dedicated cloud servers using the same SSD disks. Our plans are start with 60GB of SSD space. While for cloud hosting, we always recommend our Cloud Plus plan which comes with 25GB of space for all your extensions, products and theme.

Best Magento web hosting
With the right Host your store can flourish. Nike uses Magento for eCommerce.

Free Stuff

Hosting plans should offer more than just space. Aspiration Hosting doesn’t just give you an empty house, but furniture as well, so to speak. Your plans come with free LiteMage cache which is 3 times more efficient. Along with this you get free web store transfer and free web development help.

Customer Care with Reviews that Back it Up

Although cloud plans are known for their reliability, there are times when you need help. A host that offers 24 x 7 customer care is great. However do check the reviews to see how efficient the people are. Aspiration Hosting has highly trained people including a Magento specialist. Check out our customer satisfaction reviews.

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