Best server for Magento – Top points of a cloud hosting plan

Best Server for Magento

Magento being a large program requires the best server for Magento in the market. The main reason is that Magento has certain requirements before it can work efficiently. Aspiration Hosting has all cloud hosting plans optimized for Magento. Let’s look at some top points of a cloud plan.

Top points for best server for Magento

Resources in plans

Before choosing a plan, the best advice is to talk to the sales agent. Aspiration Hosting encourages all new and even old customers to contact us via the Lives sales chat.  Pick a plan you want. But before buying talk to the hosting company about their plans. This leads to promotions they might be having, and even better plans.

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Cloud plans are the best choice for the Magento program because of the flexibility it offers. Aspiration Hosting doesn’t limit the plans based on products, orders and even visitors. The only limitations are due to the space of the plan.

Aspiration Hosting recommends starting with the 25gb Cloud Plus plan for small stores. It comes with enough resources to fit Magento Community stores.

Besides this, another unusual thing about Aspiration plans is that the disk space is SSD. These types of hard disks are 20 times faster than other hard disks, which makes data retrieval faster.

Server scans

Make sure the server is secure. The best hosting companies regularly scan their servers for malicious content. Aspiration Hosting uses Malnet and ClamAV to check up on the cloud servers. Along with this, you can also enable Spam Experts. This program checks all outgoing mail before sending.

Security is vital

There are several recognized branded SSL certificates in the market. Aspiration Hosting offers a wide variety of them that suits most businesses. Along with this, we can also install the certificate free.

In the end, the best server for Magento is from Aspiration Hosting. We have cloud hosting plans and also dedicated cloud servers. Talk to our sales agent via Live Chat today.

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