Changing OR Edit – Magento Favicon

Generally, the tiny icon that appears in your browser tab just before your “Page title” is Favicon. Here in this article, we’ll discuss “How anyone can easily customize or change the Magento Favicon”. As we all know, Magento is an open source platform for eCommerce clients. Next, each and every company have their own “Logo”. Hence, it also should be unique and represents the type of interest of the specific company. Just like that the Magento Favicon is a unique way to define your company to online clients. The Magento Favicon literally informs your online visitor in the very beginning. First about the contents of the website. Also the type of business it’s doing in Internet.

There are several ways to change or edit your Magento Favicon. Here is the list:

First you can simply login to your cPanel and upload the new Favicon. Secondly by connecting to the FTP hosting server we can also upload the Favicon. But both of these processes need a good hosting provider. Our hosting supports both FTP connections using our FTP port or server. Eventually the connection is as fast as it’s secure for transferring Data smoothly. Also we’re providing hosting with 24×7 tech support in affordable price. The Basic plan costs $9.99 per month. Tanzia Farin Chy – Aspiration Hosting

Magento Favicon – Using FTP Server OR cPanel

Next Login to your cPanel using your Username & Password.

Then navigate through the following path. Generally:


Rename the favicon.ico as favicon.backup.ico & refresh the path.

Now, using create a 16×16 (ICO, PNG, GIF, JPG, JPEG, APNG) using any Photo editing software. Then save the icon with the default name favicon.png.

Next upload the favicon.png file using the cPanel uploader or use any FTP client software. Hence remember you must have FTP server credentials to connect with the hosting. In case if you didn’t have the credentials contact your hosting provider. Else our hosting (Aspiartion Hosting) will setup FTP accounts and all other necessary setups for each hosting account absolutely free with every plan.

Finally confirm the successful upload. Next open new tab and go to your store to make sure the new Favicon is live.

Magento Favicon – using Admin panel (BackEnd)

Just login to your Backend using admin credentials.

Under the System > Configuration > General > Design tab find Favicon. Next under Favicon Icon choose file by browsing into Local PC.

Magento favicon

All you have to do is to click the “Save Config” button.

Magento favicon

Finally we’re done with new Favicon edit or upload.