Why Cheap Magento Hosting is not as Awesome as You Think

Every business owner thinks about budgets. But cutting the cost via the Magento hosting plan isn’t a good idea. The reason is that you only get what you pay for, which is often an unreliable server. And most notably a system that is on share basis. Which means you are putting your business in the hands of others. People who will use up more resources than they are given. And probably will shock circuit the entire server system. Let’s look at the differences between cheap Magento hosting plans and good cloud hosting plans.

Cheap Magento Hosting
Looking to cut budget doesn’t mean you should cut on benefits. Cheap plans might save you a few bucks initially, but not in the long run.

Cheap Magento Hosting plans vs Aspiration Plans

  • Are the hosting plans on the cloud? All Aspiration Hosting cloud hosting plans are cloud based. In fact even our dedicated servers are cloud based.
  • Do they offer individual spaces with resources using Cloud Linux which won’t allow others to mess with your system? Aspiration Hosting uses Cloud Linux because we design our server space to maximize efficiency. And also this way give our customers all the usable resources. Without affecting them even if someone else gets more visitor traffic.
  • Are the disks SSDs? SSD drives are 20 times faster. Thus you get access to your content faster.
  • Do they also offer Service Level Agreements with their uptime guarantees? Aspiration Hosting can promise 99% uptime.
  • What about plan limitations? Aspiration Hosting has no limitations what so ever. You are free to add as many products you want, orders, incoming visitors, and even use as much of the bandwidth.
  • Do they offer free web transfer? How about free web development services? Aspiration Hosting plans come bundled with these services.
  • And finally 24 x 7 customer care by professional engineers? Aspiration Hosting has highly trained people on hand to assist you whenever you need it. Day or night, 365 days.

Aspiration Hosting – we value our customers and their business ventures. Contact us for our great cloud hosting plans.