10 Wonderful Reasons to Choose Cloud Hosting for eCommerce

When it comes to choosing a host, most business owners have three ways to go about the research. Word of mouth, searching on Google and by trial and error. However the one thing business owners agree on is that cloud hosting is the best way to go when you want to setup an eCommerce store. Aspiration Hosting has been in business since 2008. Our plans are especially designed on the cloud to give you the maximum benefit. Let’s look at 10 wonderful reasons to choose cloud hosting.

10 Reasons to Choose Cloud Hosting


Most cloud hosting plans are based on the Linux platform which allows individual spaces with resources.


Cloud is synonymous with flexibility as it can accommodate people even during peak traffic without crashing.


The way the cloud server network is designed, if one server develops a problem, another server takes over.


Cloud hosting plans usually come with the latest storage spaces. Choose plans with SSD drives, which are 20 times faster than other storage drives.


Unlimited bandwidth is norm for cloud plans. Which is great for a growing eCommerce store as the number of visitors entering or leaving the store isn’t measured.


The way the cloud plans are designed, an uptime guarantee of 99% is common. However some hosting companies like Aspiration Hosting go further in also giving an SLA .

Choose cloud hosting
Cloud plans help secure your site by providing different SSL certificates that lock you site and make all connections between you and the server secure.


eCommerce security is the number one priority of business owners. Cloud plans usually have different SSL certificates on hand, which you can install according to your requirements.


One of the easiest way to speed up a store is by adding cache. Aspiration Hosting gives LiteMage and also LightSpeed in all the plans.

Content Delivery

A network dedicated to the delivery of your content is necessary for under 2 sec page loads. Aspiration Hosting has 50 global relay servers.


And finally support by experts around the clock is compulsory for peace of mind.

Aspiration Hosting has cloud hosting plans, dedicated cloud servers and also the MagePlus plan. Sign up or talk to our sales agent.

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