Cloud Hosting Advantages – 5 Important Tips for eCommerce

Whether you are running a million dollar Magento store or a WordPress eCommerce site, a cloud provides the best option for flexible and low cost IT resources. With the introduction of cloud, making a big commitment to hardware and also spending all your time and energy on managing the hardware becomes an unnecessary task. Instead, you can access as many resources as you need, almost instantly, and only pay for what you use. Let’s look at five cloud hosting advantages for eCommerce.

5 Cloud Hosting Advantages:

Now let’s take a look at some of the top advantages of Cloud Hosting. And also why we think it is currently the best solution in the market as it related to pricing, performance, upgrading, security etc…

1. Pricing

Hosting a website on your own is expensive. You have to make investments in the server, employees to maintain the server and so on.

Aspiration cloud hosting allows you to avoid all of this. Just by paying a monthly fee, your website will be hosted on the best servers that are professionally managed – without much downtime and services of your own IT staff. Also, the pricing of Aspiration hosting is low compared to the services provided by similar companies.

2. Performance

Aspiration cloud hosting offers better performance as we use SSD cloud servers that deliver great speed. And, we can guarantee a 99% up time. We also back this with a Service Level Agreement. Also, we are include Lite Speed or Lite Mage cache in the plans to improve site speed. The CDN network of Aspiration Hosting will improve the page load across the globe.

Cloud hosting advantages
Our Content Delivery Network covers more than 50 cities across six continents!

3. Security

Web hosting can be very risky especially if you are not taking regular back ups of your website. Natural disasters, security risks, or total hardware failure can wipe out your important data from the servers. But if your hosting is from reliable webs hosting companies like Aspiration, your data is totally protected. with back ups and redundant servers, allowing you to host your website with confidence, knowing that you’re protected from data loss.

4. Easy upgrade

The major advantage of the cloud is that scaling is very easy. If you want more resources during a peak time, you can upgrade very easily by using Aspiration. Just log in to your client area and easily add more resources.

5. Servers around the world

Aspiration Hosting has cloud hosting in California – USA, London – UK, Singapore, and also Sydney – Australia. Hence, choosing a server close to the customer will ensure better site speed for them.

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