Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting – Which one suits your business?

Cloud Hosting vs Shared hosting

Different web hosting options are available today. Hosting providers offer a variety of features for small-scale to large-scale businesses. While searching for a new web host you will commonly find Cloud hosting and shared hosting. Both hosting has its own features. Choosing the right option according to your business matters everything. Now let’s discuss Cloud hosting vs Shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting

This hosting includes the simultaneous use of multiple servers. Having access to multiple servers is a merit because your website will not experience any downtime.

The main advantages of cloud hosting are reliability, performance, and also security. If any one of the server experience any hardware issues or any other issues you can easily switch your website to another server thereby your site enjoys optimal functionality all the times. The ability to plan ahead for business continuity is one of cloud hosting’s major selling points.

Performance of cloud hosting is unbeatable. It always offers fast loading times. Cloud hosting plans are highly secure. Your provider will make your site secure with their own security protocols.

The only drawback of Cloud hosting is that it costs more. Because of its advanced features, you have to pay higher than the shared hosting. So cloud hosting is not an option for the individuals or for the businesses running with minimal expenditure. 

cloud hosting vs shared hosting

Shared Hosting

In Shared hosting, we can host multiple sites on a single server, which means your provider will host your site along with other websites on a single server. In this hosting, you have to share the resources such as bandwidth, storage and disk space with other websites.

The key advantage of Shared hosting is its low cost. Shared hosting is the best option for individuals and also for the businesses running with minimum expenditure.

The main drawback of Shared hosting is you can’t expect the same level of performance all the time. If your website or any other website hosted on the shared server experience a sudden traffic hike, there is no guarantee that you will get the adequate resources. Hence it affects the performance. 

Before choosing the hosting you should know about your site’s requirements. Then choose accordingly considering your budget also. If you are running a medium to large sized business that receives high traffic, the best choice for your site is Cloud Hosting. On the other hand, if you are running a small business or else if you are a starter who just launched the website, the best option for you is Shared Hosting. Hope this Cloud Hosting vs Shared Hosting article helps you to choose the best solution.

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