Commerce Magento – How to Conduct Online Business using Magento

Commerce Magento is the professional version of Magento. With this program you can conduct more than 1000+ orders per day and have more than 50,000 shoppers browsing the store. With such a huge turnover, Commerce users expect more advanced features from the Mage program. Setting up the Magento store is however the same as before. You get the out of the box store minus the hosting. However Commerce Magento has new features that were suggested by users and people from the Magento forums. Let’s look at how to conduct business online using Commerce Magento.

Commerce Magento New Pricing:

One of the newest features is the pricing of the professional program. Gone are the one price fits everyone method. Instead now you get pricing tiers that depend on your yearly revenue and order transactions.

Commerce Magento
Did you know that 51% of Americans love shopping online and think it is the best way to shop.

New features that help conduct business online:

  • Responsive themes come with the program. Now your site will look the same on any given device. Check out Template Monster or Themeforest for the latest Magento 2 themes.
  • Checkout method is smoother and faster, especially with the introduction of Instant Purchases.
  • Custom sorting orders for products to maximize sales. You can use sorting rules like best seller, color, new products, highest profit margin and so forth for the products
  • Also you can automatically assign products to specific categories to save on time. Use attributes like brand, date of the new products etc. for this.
  • And finally product pages can now have product videos. This has been the most asked feature by Magento users. Now you no longer have to depend on add on extensions.

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