How to Find the Best Community Magento Host for your Business

Searching for a host for Magento can be daunting. You need to research dozens of plans before landing on the right one. Even then there is no guarantee that the hosting plan is right for Magento, yet alone Community Magento. But if you have a guide on the features that is necessary, this process becomes easier. Let’s see what the important features are needed in a community Magento host.

Community Magento
Be a part of the Magento Community (Open Source) and realize how easy it is for dreams to materialize.

Community Magento Hosting Features:

Community or Open Source Magento is the free edition software. Comprising of all the necessary features needed to start your online business which also makes it the most popular edition. When shopping around for a host, you need to think about certain aspects.

  • Open Source or Community is open source. This means you can change the code according to your needs.
  • You will have to add a theme that is compatible with your business goals and software requirements.
  • And even though Community comes with great features, business owners often covet the advanced features that Enterprise offers.

For all this you need enough space to accommodate all that you want your store to do without slowing down on page loads. Aspiration Hosting is a hosting company with Magento capabilities. This means, you get a host that understands your Magento needs and offers plans suitable for the program for optimal sales and business growth. And best of all the resources of each plan are carefully planned to make Magento 2 run smoothly and efficiently.

Aspiration Hosting Features:

  • Affordable Cloud Hosting plans
  • Dedicated Cloud Servers
  • Managed MagePlus Online for hassle free Magento hosting
  • LiteMage cache that speeds store page loads 3 times faster than Varnish
  • Content Delivery Network to help get your shoppers shopping faster
  • World wide locations – UK, US, Singapore and also Australia
  • Help with Theme installation
  • Expert Magento support – available night and day
  • Free Website Transfer

Chat with Aspiration Hosting sales agents today and let’s start planning your Magento store.

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