How Content Delivery Network helps SEO in Websites?

As business owners, we want to get a better position in google search engine result page (SERP). Speeding up your website is one of the best ways to index and also rank your page faster. Here comes the importance of content delivery network (CDN). Learn how content delivery network helps SEO in websites.

What is a Content Delivery Network?

CDN is a network of servers (called POPs) positioned around the world. They cache and store your website assets. When a visitor visits your website, the site will load from the POPs closer to him, instead of loading from the original server. Read more about CDN here.

How Content Delivery Network helps SEO?

1. Speed is a ranking factor

According to Google, website speed is a factor which is determining the website rank. Because it is one of the major factors which will determine the bounce rate, conversion rate, and the overall user experience.

2. Faster image indexing

Google image search is a topic which we often neglect. By properly indexing your images, you can also generate more traffic to your website. CDN helps to index your images faster and thereby google will crawl your images more often. And the result is nothing but better search rankings.

3. Reduce bounce rate

Bounce rate and website speed are connected together. According to Backlinko, bounce rate is a major factor affecting google search rankings. When you improve your site speed, you are also reducing the bounce rate. Hence better search page ranks on Google and other search engines.

bounce rate and google position. how content delivery network helps seo

4. Increased website security.

A compromised website will have less page rank. Using CDN, the website is served from different servers at different locations of the world. Therefore, CDN can reduce the risk of possible attacks like denial of service.

Hence, CDN service is a strong tool for any website looking to build a stronger SERP ranking and ultimately improve the organic searches to the website.

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