What is the real risk of DDoS Attacks on your website?

Have you ever heard about DDoS attacks? Do you know the impacts of it? DDoS attacks will threaten any online business. It may cause dangerous cybercrime activities such as Virus Infections, Malware Activations, Network Breaches, Data Breaches, Financial Theft, and so on.

Risk of DDoS Attacks

1. Loss Of Revenue

Online businesses is a good source of revenue, however, everything depends on time. Just imagine that your website was attacked during the peak sales time. After such an occurrence, can you compensate the amount of revenue you could lose if you came under attack from a DDoS?

A recent survey shows that nearly 84% of websites were hit with at least one attack during the last 12 months. Out of that, about 63% accepted a loss of revenue during their peak sales time. This issue was caused by the DDoS attack. 

2. Data Breach

DDoS attacks will helps to find the illegal access points to your network and stealing sensitive information. To get out of this issue your security staff should always be vigilant enough. This will help to not only reduce the effects of DDoS but also help to avoid any possible subsequent intrusion. Multiple backups of the data should be always taken as a precaution to overcome any unexpected issues. 

3. Loss Of Customer Confidence

Customer trust is an important factor to run a business. Once they lose the confidence about your service, they will never return. The web service you are providing is a crucial factor for maintaining customer trust. Customer satisfaction will lead them to refer your service to their contacts also which leads to easily acquire new customers. 

DDoS attacks

The DDoS attack usually focuses on critical infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, this can impact network performance. This may create unsatisfied customers, and word of mouth will spread regarding this dissatisfaction. The service providing industries like Web Hosting providers requires customer trust to maintain their business. 

4. Degradation Of Reputation

If people start to recognize your Business Brand, then, of course, you are on the right way to success. When an organization fails to meet the customer requirements, the customers will lose their confidence in your brand. Finally, it will degrade your brand reputation. 

Surveys show that Hosting Providers have a higher risk of suffering a DDoS attack. This is because an attack on one customer will damage the business of many other customers. 

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