How can you improve your eCommerce Conversion Rates?

Today setting up an online eCommerce store is easy. A lot of different platforms are available to display your products and manage them from your home itself. Once your site starts getting more visitors then the next step is lead generation. Let us discuss how can we improve the conversion rates of our online store.

Factors help to improve your conversion rates

Replace Generic Product Images

Almost every website uses stock images as their product images. However, the customers expect to get the exact photos of the products they are ordering. If your product does not match the images on your site then customers will write negative reviews about your services. This will affect your business badly.

If you are selling hosting services, it will be better to show them a comparison of the entire plans. So it will help customers to choose the best one for their website easily. Potential clients don’t want empty promises. They want to know what each product does and how well each product works. Always try to make your product descriptions short and include a list of features. Displaying product reviews on the product pages also helps to boost your business. Customers believe other customers more than the sellers.

conversion rates

Offer More Payment Options

People who are used to shopping online prefer some payment methods. So integrate your site with all popular payment gateways like  PayPalAmazon PaymentsGoogle WalletBitcoin, or plain old credit cards – people tend to stick to their favorite method. Anyway, you should set up PayPal payments since they control such a massive share of the market.

Incentivize Reviewers

You should always remember, your customers to rate your products. The more reviews you have, it makes the customers more comfortable to buy the products. You can also send the customers some follow up emails asking them to write a review about the product they purchased. Even WooCommerce provides reviewers with automatically generated coupons, for use within your store in exchange for their feedback. This will motivate the users to write reviews about the products.

Offer Guarantees

Product guarantee or return policies will attract customers to your website. Usually, people won’t take any risk of purchasing the products without any guarantee. You should create return and also refund policies according to your business.

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