How to choose an eCommerce Platform – WordPress or Magento

If you are planning to run an online business you need to choose an eCommerce platform. A lot of platforms are available today and you will be a little bit confused in choosing. The commonly used platforms are Magento and WordPress. In this article, we are going to discuss the upsides and downsides of both WordPress and Magento. WordPress and Magento are architecturally similar. Both are content management system helps to add, modify and manage your contents in an effective way.  The main difference is WordPress give more importance to contents but the Magento is exclusively for eCommerce.

eCommerce platform

eCommerce platform – WordPress or Magento


WordPress is the most popular Content Management System. It is an open source platform and also it is the first choice for bloggers. WordPress is SEO friendly. It also includes different themes and plugins. Thousands of free plugins and templates that change your website entire appearance are available. Wordpress installation is very easy without any knowledge of PHP or HTML. Simplicity in setup, manage and update WordPress are the other merits.


Magento is also an open source eCommerce platform. It offers high-level customization and functionality. Most of the online stores go for Magento. It is available in n 2 editions. Community which is free and Enterprise is a paid one.

The community version is for small businesses. Community version offers only some basic features like adding products, user groups, and coupons. It also allows multi-stores, related products, Up-sells and Cross-sells.

Enterprise is a paid version and it is for large business and this provides an expert support and also hundreds of extensions and features.

Choosing one of the above is the main thing. It purely depends upon your purpose. So first you need to identify your purposes like,

  1.  Are you planning for a small business or a multi-vendor marketplace?
  2. The number of products you are planning to sell, If it is more than 500 you should go for Magento.
  3. Are you planning to sell virtual products, then it doesn’t need any complex arrangements, so you can go with WordPress.
  4. Are you planning to add a lot of contents to your website, If yes then choose WordPress.
  5. 5. Do you expect heavy traffic to your site, If yes then go for Magento.

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