Why Free Hosting for Magento Lacks in Important Features

Looking for Free Hosting for Magento? Does that even exist? Magento is a cankerous program that requires a server that can handle all the different features. Free hosting can never accommodate all the elite bells and frills that Magento needs. Let’s just look at what are Magento needs and how free hosting lacks in these important features.

Free Hosting for Magento – 3 Important Lacking features

The server:

Although there are quite a few hosts now that offer cloud hosting in their free plans, what they lack is the space, and also the resources that a full blown Magento program needs. And not to mention how difficult they make it to upgrade, not having SSD storage drives which are 20 times faster than normal drives, and variety in their server location.

Instead choose a hosting plan that is optimized for Magento. Cloud hosting with enough memory power, SSD drives for storage space and most importantly the space created is designed to give private access to resources.

Check out Aspiration Hosting cloud hosting plans, dedicated cloud servers and the latest MagePlus Online which is a Magento as a service plan. You get ample bundles with our plans and world wide locations like Singapore, London, Sydney and good ole California.

Free Hosting for Magento
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Speed bumps:

Speed is essential for the smooth running of your site. Not only are snail moving stores put on the naughty list by Google, but your customers might also prefer the fast Ferrari site of your competitors.

To combat slow speeds, Aspiration Hosting gives LiteMage cache which is 3 times faster than Varnish. There is also CDN with over 50 world wide locations and most notably experts on hand to advise you on your store.

Minus Security guards:

Free Hosting servers can often be compromised easily. They are usually the first servers hackers especially novice ones try to hack to practice their skills. Aspiration Hosting is very adamant about security. We not only provide Spam Experts in all the plans, but also diligently scan our servers using Malnet and ClamAV.

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