Free Magento Templates

Generally speaking, Magento templates play a very crucial part in the eCommerce industry. In like manner, if you own an online shop or develop eCommerce websites to make it successful templates are very important. Hence you can make a lot of change to make your online business a success. However, if you are not careful in choosing your template you might drive away your customers. So it very essential to have patience and look for all the options you have since a bad start will create a bad impression on the customers.

A responsive website can boost your sale up to 3 times. As people like to spend more time in a quick searchable site. Actually, the sites win the race where a customer can easily find their product in minimum effort. Since the customer does not have the opportunity to touch the product in online purchasing so, they desire to see quality images so they can judge the product. The use of Magento Templates are increasing day by day. In such case, the hosting comes in to play. Because good hosting means faster loading, quick response &  seamless surfing. Our Magento cloud hosting provides SSD cloud storage, Aspiration CDN, LiteMageCache & 24 / 7 support which means no more downtime. Now enjoy our hosting plans at a very affordable price as low as USD 9.99 per month. For Aspiration Hosting, Tanzia Farin Chy!!!

Whereas, if you are successful in choosing the right one then your store will become more popular among people. As a result of this, templates are very important and if your getting this templates for free then it is a huge bonus. Given this point, to find the best free Magento templates is not an easy task. You can look for it all day long and still not find the correct template you have in your mind.

All things considered, we are providing a list of free Magento templates to make your life easier.

1. Ves Need Magento 2

In the first place we got Ves Need Magento 2. If you are looking to open a cosmetic or accessories store then you should go for this Magento Templates. It contains a clean and modern design to help you advertise your products more beautifully.

The specialty of this template is :

▪ Optimized for mobile devices
▪ Fast Checkout
▪ Strong admin panel
▪ Exceptionally fast loading
▪ Off-canvas menu

2. Ves Yume

Identically Ves Yume is one of the best templates which free Magento templates can offer. Because it has impressive features and it is very attractive. Also, it is a modern and more advanced template.

Their features are :

▪ Gallery image product detail
▪ Font Awesome
▪ Off-Canvas Menu & Header Link
▪ Bootstrap 3.x Layout Components
▪ Inherited from Magento 2.0 blank theme & use Magento 2.0 UI

3. Ves Kasitoo

From Venus, we get the new template named ‘Ves Kasitoo.’ It is ideal for fashion, computer equipment and many more. Hence it is very much suitable for online stores. The design they created will attract the customers more.

Free Magento Template “Ves Kasitoo” includes :

▪ A responsive design
▪ Retina-ready function
▪ Touch-optimized deal products carousel
▪ Off-canvas menu
▪ Product tabs carousel by rules

4. Necessary

Again you are not likely to move ahead with a normal template. To give your customer an e-store which contains professionalism theme will do the trick. That’s where ‘Necessary’ template comes into play. Your rival will become the envy of you. They also provide instructions on how to use the template, widget and extension settings.

Free Magento Templates – “Necessary” contains :

▪ Fully-responsive design
▪ Visual content editor
▪ Advanced Layered Navigation extension
▪ Product quick-view
▪ Ajax add-to-cart

5. Ves Fasony Magento 2

Uniquely Fasony is a new template for Magento 2. But it’s layouts are designed in a way that the customers will be pleased. To display your products image more beautifully you can use image slider. Thus with the help of this template make your company more popular with the audience.

Free Magento Template “Ves Fasony” elements are :

▪ Insanely fast-loading time
▪ Touch-optimized slideshow
▪ It’s flexible and scalable to fit on the screen of any digital device
▪ New Product list
▪ Smart Testimonials

6. Pixtron for Magento 2

It is a template where you can customize your admin options and it is a free responsive template. It specializes in your fashion, bags, mobile, accessories and many more eCommerce store.

Free Magento Template Pixtron’s key features are :

▪ Lack of core modifications
▪ Extremely responsive
▪ Powerful admin panel
▪ Touch-optimized slideshow
▪ Off-canvas menu

7. FreeGo – Solwin

Moreover, it is a very flexible template. As you can easily customize your options. You can build a fully functional online store with the help of a powerful backend panel. Hence you can improve your business revenue. It has both a strong functionality and visual appeal to build a website.

Free Magento Template “FreeGo – Solwin” contains :

▪ Touch Optimized Slideshow
▪ All Popular Browsers Compatibility
▪ Featured Product List
▪ Off Canvas Menu
▪ Mega Menu

8. F2 – Template Monster

F2 template monster was built to match up with the latest trend on the web. Not just by looks, it has a more flexible functionality in comparison to others. It has a lot of functions. For the clothing and fashion industry, it is one of the best templates.

Free Magento Template “F2 – Template Monster” contains features such as –

▪ Responsive Design
▪ Cloud Zoom
▪ Sliced PSD
▪ Drop Down Cart
▪ Tooltips

9. BizKick

Hidden Techies another template courtesy is BizKick. It will give your e-store a clean and classy look. Bring out your hidden creative talent to design your website the way you want and it is best for bags, mobile and many more accessories.

Free Magento Template “BizKick” features are :

▪ Responsive design
▪ Touch-optimized slideshow
▪ Featured product list
▪ Off-canvas menu
▪ Powerful admin panel

10. Ketty Magento 2 Beta

By using Ketty you will raise your e-store’s standard to a higher level than your competitions. It will also, give your business a unique identity. This template is ideal for clothing and other accessories. Use it to give an extra edge in your business.

Free Magento Template “Ketty” earned its praise due to :

▪ Support for all major browsers
▪ Responsive design
▪ Elegant slider
▪ Configurable swatches
▪ Product zooming

There are many more free Magento templates you can find. But the list we have provided are the best templates for your new online store to give a start you desire. As anybody would love their business to have a great start, so that they can make a name for their company. As a result, their products will sell quickly and make a great profit.