How to Find the Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

Blogging is the easiest way to introduce yourself to the world. And WordPress is the champion for bloggers. You can easily install the program and start blogging in a single day with WordPress. And best of all are the features you get that help you with your blogging experience. However before sitting down to write a single word, you should think about themes. This simple design feature can totally inspire content while giving your readers ample ways to connect with you and your words. Free themes are the best, especially if you are just starting to blog. And most of them are responsive, making them perfect for all devices. So let’s see how to find the best free WordPress blog themes from the world wide web.

Best Free WordPress Blog Themes – the Search is On


The business world is changing and so too are the themes. With Airi, you can easily create a blog for freelancers, agencies, startups and small businesses. And best of all is that it fully integrates with the Elementor website builder, giving the theme a drag and drop ability.

Free WordPress Blog Themes


Small and medium businesses will love how the theme offers a modern contemporary look. However the best feature is probably the ability to integrate with any website builder like Site Origin, Divi, Elementor and so on. It is also compatible with the new WordPress Gutenberg editor, for faster website creation. You can customize the font, colors, and other design features like sliders, videos, images and more.

Free WordPress Blog Themes


With this theme, you get a large set to kill header that can be turned into a slide show or remain static with just your poignant business image. A simple menu accompanies with the header with ample buttons and icons that you can insert as and where you need them. Along with this, you also get charts and graphical presentation for visual impact. For a free theme, this one impresses a lot.

Free WordPress Blog Themes


The theme is perfect for those businesses that want a more professional blog. Flexible in features, the look can be used for any type of business blog, making it a true multipurpose theme. You get the drag and drop functionality that is built into the theme, along with six widget areas for comfortable customization. Another great thing about this theme is that you get 11 very useful widgets and perhaps the best thing for eCommerce businesses is that you get WooCommerce support as well.

Free WordPress Blog Themes

And if you are still looking for free WordPress blog themes, why not check out these site. Template Monster, Themeforest and the very own WordPress site. You will find plenty of options in the free themes section. And if you are in the mood for some great hosting, contact Aspiration Hosting for the cloud and dedicated cloud servers. You will never look elsewhere once you sign up for Aspiration Hosting.

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