3 Reasons Free WordPress Hosting Damages your Business

WordPress is a reputed program that has been offering business owners an easy venue to setting up their business website. The easy admin interface allows anyone to quickly learn the ropes and start building a site worth visiting. The only thing that is missing from the program is hosting. However self-hosted WordPress is free, allowing you to spend your setup budget on getting a good host. Business owners, especially those that are just starting anew, often check out free WordPress hosting. However choosing free hosting can lead to damaging your business in the long run. Let’s look at just three reasons why not to choose such type of hosting plans.

Free WordPress Hosting – Damage Control

The Plans

Free hosting might look appealing, but there are many factors to consider. Most of these plans are via a sharing system. You get space with other customers. And if one of these customers take more than their share of the resources, the server gets problems.

Another aspect is that free hosting often doesn’t offer more server locations. You are often limited by local server locations, which aren’t good according to experts. It is better to have servers that are closest to your customers as this helps in page loads and also Google rankings.

Free WordPress Hosting
Don’t let your hosting put your site offline on all devices.

Your Reputation

Whether your business is new or already well established, a host that is reliable reflects on your company reputation. With free WordPress hosting, servers aren’t always maintained or up to date to the latest program requirements.

Another important issue is server uptime guarantees. Even though many free hosting plans claim 99% reliability, this isn’t often the case. As business owners, first impressions are relevant, and if your site isn’t up and running, or loads slowly, it can reflect badly on your company.

Curbed to Succeed

There is no such thing as free. Most free hosting comes with limitations. Whether it is the bandwidth, the number of visitors or the plugins you can add to your WordPress site. When your business thus reaches the limitation wall, you have two choices. Move host or stay limited. In either case, it can cause your business undue obstacles.

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