4 Big Features Missing in Godaddy Magento Hosting

GoDaddy is a hosting company that offers a lot of different services including host plans. They are famous for being the world’s largest domain name registrar and boast an enviable 18 million customer base. However there are 4 big features missing from the GoDaddy Magento hosting services. Aspiration Hosting always had these and other features that are perfect for eCommerce business owners.

Godaddy Magento Hosting
If you have a Magento store, then choose a Magento focused hosting partner. GoDaddy is good, but not good enough for Magento.

GoDaddy Magento Hosting – the missing features investigation

Cloud plans?

GoDaddy hosting plans aren’t available on the cloud. This is the biggest drawback, especially for a program like Magento. Cloud hosting plans use Cloud Linux to create individual pockets on the server with their own set of resources. They are also flexible, with scale ability during peak traffic. Upgrade is also easy, just login to your account and upgrade. It just takes a minute and there is no downtime experienced.

Aspiration Hosting has cloud hosting plans, dedicated cloud servers and the fully managed Magento SAAS MagePlus plan. You get access to servers around the world, from London to Sydney to Singapore and back to the California for the USA.

Magento Inclined??

GoDaddy has a managed plan but it is for WordPress. This shows that Godaddy focuses more on WordPress than a Magento inclined one. Aspiration Hosting has Magento hosting plans that works best for Magento 2.

Cache anyone???

LiteMage is a Magento cache extension that speeds up your store 3 times than any other cache in the market. Aspiration Hosting includes LiteMage in all the plans, including MagePlus, the managed plan. GoDaddy however has cache more prone for WordPress and general sites.

Website Migration Assist????

If you need to migrate your site from another host, GoDaddy doesn’t help much with that. However Aspiration Hosting understands how difficult the move is for a business owners from an old host to the new one. All the plans include free web transfer done by our Magento experts.

GoDaddy might sound like the right choice for your Magento store. But Aspiration Hosting is designed for Magento ever since it first came out. Talk to our sales agents and learn more about the services you get with your Magento cloud hosting.