What Features are Important in your Host for WordPress

WordPress is the top choice for people who want to blog or setup a sophisticated business site without hassles. However the bane of WordPress professional is that you have to get your own hosting services. While most see this as a big bonus, it does get confusing for business owners with all the options there are out there for hosting plans. Techno terms like shared, dedicated, managed, cloud and also local host is thrown around like confetti. And in the midst of all this, most business owners just pick a host for WordPress without much research. But knowing which features are important is beneficial, and you then always pick the right host. Let’s look at some of these most important features.

Host for WordPress – Important Features


Shared hosting plans are those where you get space on a server, with resources shared between other people. While they might look economical, they are not ideal for business.


Dedicated servers are the best way to host, but are costly and not right for small to medium businesses.

Host for WordPress
Hosting in different forms. Choose the right one for your WordPress site.


Managed plans come with hosting as well as server management. Usually the support helps with installation and doing minor development work for your WordPress site.


Cloud hosting plans are the new kids on the block with experts showering unlimited praises. You get to share on a network of servers, which prevents your site from dying if a server develops problems. When server problems emerge, you move on to the next server on the network, and your site and you never even learn about the failure to launch server.


Local host is when you place your WordPress site on your own computer. This is good for people who are learning WordPress, but not for a business website.

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