Hosted Magento – 4 Awesome Features that Make a Great Host

The Magento program offers a lot of flexibility to eCommerce owners. The out of the box solution can be amended to create totally different looks. And along with extensions, you can also give your customers a truly unique shopping experience. However, before you can design and develop your Magento store, you need a host. The right hosted Magento store works towards boosting your sales profits. This article will show just four awesome features of a host to make them great.

Hosted Magento
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4 Awesome Hosted Magento Features:

Cloud Host

Your Magento store needs the best. According to industry experts, the best today is cloud hosting. Cloud is a system in which several servers are used together. If any server has a problem, the system automatically shifts, without you experiencing any downtime. This makes cloud hosting the safest in the industry, as your store never goes down.

SSD storage space

SATA hard disk used to be industry norm, before SSD came into the market. This type of hard disk has revolutionized store space as it is 20 times faster than any hard disk available. A cloud hosting plan with SSD storage space will be more efficient.

Easy upgrade

Cloud plans are the easiest to upgrade. Whenever you feel your resources are getting low just login to your account and upgrade. Otherwise you can also contact the customer support for help. The thing to note is you will not even realize the change, except the increase in resources in the admin area.

Support help

Customer support is important to all hosted magento plans. A minimum of 24×7 support is needed either via phone, ticket or even Live Chat.

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  • Regular Back up of data
  • And finally customer Support via Live Chat

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