Improving Magento Performance – Shared vs Dedicated – Part 2

As hosting plays an important role in Magento 2 MySQL optimization. Here we’ll compare the dedicated hosting in terms of speed optimization of your online Mage store.

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By default, MySQL query is in the disabled state and informs MySQL about available RAM for caching. In fact the total space for caching. Hence with every restart, the cache clears itself. So, cache rebuilt query after each restart of the Magento 2 MySQL server.

Test Results:

According to a survey on a database containing 80k items shows, non-cached query takes about 11 seconds on average. Certainly with the same query it takes about 1 sec in average to show up the same result for cached query.

Dedicated vs Shared – Magento 2 MySQL server

Here we can see the importance of dedicated hosting plan over shared for developing Mage ecommerce websites. As dedicated or application oriented environment is more stable and provides database service efficiently.

In contrary, shared hosting is much cheaper than any dedicated hosting environments for Mage store development. But you might face a regular database server interruption sometimes hourly due to several reasons.

In conclusion with MySQL server cache is disabled, we lose our cache queries each time MySQL server restarts. Hence it will take more time to reload or to load a new page. Regardless caching status(enable or disable)the results are almost same for shared hosting .

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