vs Which one you should choose?

A few years ago launched a new version, This is a simple version of the original Joomla. Both varieties have it’s own merits. But you have to choose the best one suitable for your business. comes with all basic features of but there are some limitations. vs – let’s discuss the major pros and cons of both. This will help you to take proper decision for your business. 

A lot of CMS are available today and you should be very careful in selecting the platform. Joomla is a very popular and free platform for publishing web contents. Joomla is written in PHP and it uses MySQL database to store the contents. vs

In 2015 Joomla introduced It is a modified and simpler version of Let’s check the pros of first. 

  1. In everything comes as a basic service. It gives you free hosting and free domain. 

  2. Getting your site off the ground comes with a lower price tag. You can get a basic site up and running without spending a cent.

  3. Some of the maintenance tasks like updates, installations, etc are automatic. 

But you have some limitations in Mailing functionality, extensions and also templates. However, the core functions of both are the same. Now we can discuss the pros of

  1. gives you a greater level of freedom in choosing the hosting plan. That is, you can choose the hosting that better fits for your site.

  2. There is no limit on extensions and also templates that you can use on your site.

  3. In you can directly edit your template files. This is not possible in Moreover, we can say gives you more chances for customization. 

Of course, it also has some cons like the level of maintenance and cost is higher for

Which one suits your business: vs

Both come with the same core features. The difference comes in extensions, cost, templates, etc. is good for smaller business and also for the beginners. They need not waste time in search for hosting and also domain. Hence they can concentrate on their contents and marketing. vs

Those who need full control over their site may find as a good choice. It is extremely customizable, and you get access to limitless template and extension downloads. Hence you can create a website that looks and acts exactly the way you want.

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