Importance of LiteSpeed Cache & LiteMage Cache for your Website

We all know how busy it is in today’s world. No one has enough time to spend waiting. Hence, everyone prefers everything at their fingertips with lightning speed. If you are a website owner, then, of course, you know the importance of time. Even a 3 second delay results in business losses. Because people hate to wait. Researches show that more than 2 second delay in website loading will irritate the visitors. And they will leave the website and sometimes they won’t even return back. Hopefully, you all have heard about Litespeed Cache & LiteMage Cache. This is the best solution to overcome the website loading delay.

Benefits of LiteSpeed Cache & LiteMage Cache

LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) uses the LiteSpeed (LS) Cache. LiteSpeed works efficiently for high traffic websites. Before moving to LS Cache, you should know about LiteSpeed Web Server. Hope you know Apache Web Server. This LSWS is an alternative to Apache Web Server. Excellent performance is the advantage of LiteSpeed cache. LSWS is the number one web server on the internet. It is very compatible and also highly secure.

LiteSpeed Cache & LiteMage Cache

LS is known for its performance, security, compatibility, and also scalability. It also has other features like DDoS protection and LS Cache modules. LSWS’s performance and stability are unbeatable. LSWS serves thousands of clients with minimal memory consumption and CPU Usage. Mod_security of LiteSpeed increases server security and also consist of built-in anti DDos features. It also reduces the hardware cost.

Page Caching is the most powerful method to handle the Magento’s heavy architecture and also to speed up the slow loading web pages. The other benefits are it consist in-built anti-DDoS feature, highly scalable, offers the best performance, etc. Hence LiteMage Cache is the best suitable Full page Cache for Magento. 

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