System requirements for Magento 2.x

To learn about the system requirements for Magento performance, go to the following link. Please find the deatail Magento 2 requirements under following link.

Magento 2  requirements

We require software to run the Mage applications in our system. Also we need suitable web browsers. Keeping your store up-to-date is a must in requirement. It can help us to connect securely to software repositorys. Furthermore, it helps us to connect with services like Paypal.

magento 2 requirements

Magento 2.x requirements for stack technologies

Mage 2.x  supports “Linux  x86-64” Operating system. For example , RHEL (RedHat Enterprise Linux), Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and  etc.

Memory requirement

We can update Mage applications and extensions. These can update both from the Mage marketplace and 3rd party sources. Hence, Mage requires up to 2gb of RAM. Therefore, if your server does not have 2GB of RAM you’ll need to make a swap file. In the case that you’re using less than 2 GB of RAM your update may fail to run.

The coders can contribute to Mage the code base using composer. They can also submit Mage extensions in the Mage code base.

Web servers Versions

  • Apache 2.2 & 2.4
  • The Apache “mod_rewrite” module should be enabled. In addition, “mod_rewrite” forces the server to rewrite URL.
  • Lastly, nginx 1.8 or the latest versions.

PHP Version

  • These following PHP versions supports Mage. Here is the list.
  • PHP versions are “7.0.2, 7.0.4, 7.0.6, 7.0.x & 7.1.x” etc.
  • In addition, older versions like 5.6.5 & 5.6.x can be used for Mage.
  • For further info about PHP ext , please visit Mage official.

Database Version

  • MySQL 5.6 is always good to use.
  • Magento Apps ver 2.1.2 and updates are also suitable for MySQL 5.7.
  • “MariaDB” and “Percona” are also suitable for Mage. Because it supports MySQL 5.6 APIs .

Mail servers

  • Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and an SMTP server is used.

 Browsers Version

  • The browser supports Mage frontend and Admin panel are listed below.
  • Internet Explorer 11 or latest, Microsoft Edge updated Ver.
  • Firefox, Chrome, Safari latest Ver.
  • Safari Mobile for ipad along with Retina display and used for desktop front end.
  • Safari Mobile for up to iPhone 7 and latest, used for mobile front end.
  • Chrome for up to Android 7 smart devices, used for mobile front end.
  • Learn more about browsers .

Transport Layer Security

Specifically, Mage soft and component repository started asking for TLS 1.1 and updates.

Learn more magento 2 requirements for TLS .

TLS 1.2  for PayPal & others

PayPal already announced TLS ver 1.2 is a must to process payments. PayPal already requires TLS 1.2 in the sandbox.

For more details about PP, please click here.

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Mehedi Hossain Chowdhury for  Aspiration Hosting