Apache 2.4x – Use & Instructions for Magento 2.0

Both the Magento Apache 2.4 & 2.2 versions supports Mage CMS. Here we’ll discuss the instructions to follow to configure Magento Apache 2.4 & 2.2 versions properly.

However going straight into the point, we’ll learn to enable Magento Apache 2.4 & 2.2 rewrites. In the same time we’ll also learn to configure .htaccess file. To provide directory level instructions for Apache Mage uses .htaccess and server rewrites.  So here we go!!

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Magento Apache 2.4 instrustions:

Now using CMD input the following command to enable the Apache rewrite module:

a2enmod rewrite

For using the distributed configuration .htaccesss file, please follow the guidelines.  Here is the Magento Apache 2.4 documentation file.

Here make a note that the server’s default site configuration file in Apache 2.4 is following:


For an example, at the end of 000-default.conf we can add the following:


<Directory "/var/www/html">

                AllowOverride  <value from Apache site>


By the way we might need some additional parameter in few cases. So, for further info please go to Magento Apache 2.4 documentation file.

Finally we need to restart the Apache after making changes into it. Here is the command to restart Apache described below:

service apache2 restart

Here also remember, at the beginning search in 000-default.conf for <Directory "/var/www/html"> or <Directory "/var/www">. Incase only you’re in an earlier Apache version and made upgrades.

Also in directive we need to change the value AllowOverride in the directive for the Directory. Here the directory is the one we want to install Mage. As an example edit the directive in <Directory /var/www> for installing in docroot of the web server.

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