Magento Community edition and Magento Enterprise edition

Magento versions include both Magento Community and the Magento Enterprise edition. Without really knowing much about either, it will be tough to choose. The Community edition is an open source eCommerce platform which is easy to download and to build an online store. It makes it easy to learn how to build an eCommerce site and is perfect for small businesses. To improve customer service we can use Magento extensions.  They allow you to add features to meet your unique business needs.

If you feel that Community version is not enough for your firm, then you can move on to the Enterprise edition. This is a paid version. The bigger online stores mostly uses this. The Magento team will give full support to Enterprise edition through phone as well as through email. It also includes security updates, special features and exclusive product boosts. Both platforms deal with a set of core code files. And these files are important factors to run the system. If you want to upgrade the system you can make use of these files. You can simply upgrade these files to use Magento Enterprise. The most important factor that made Magento this much popular is its open source nature. Over 125,000 merchants use Mage for their stores.

Magento Community

Similarities between Magento Community and Enterprise edition

  • Both of them have the same core features and are part of the same ecosystem.
  • Both make use of Magento Connect, which is an extension directory.  It helps for finding extensions.
  • The Community and Enterprise edition both allow use of web services API, which helps to integrate with 3rd party services.
  • The Magento user groups shares theirs insight on the Community site meetings, help each other, trade tips and traps. The rise of the Community Edition proceeds at a quick pace through this model, giving an essential and effective answer for smaller firms searching for an eCommerce platform.
Differences between both edition
  • Cost– Magento Community is free to download. Enterprise is a paid one. Cost becomes higher as sales increase.
  • Security – Community version is not PCI compliant. It does not have a secure payment bridges. But Enterprise deals with most powerful security features (PA DSS).
  • Performance – In addition, the Enterprise version is quicker with high volumes of traffic or products.  However, we can add features to free version by using extensions.

Since Magento Community is a free platform, it’s great for small and mid sized merchants. At the same time if you are planning to take your biz to the next level, you should invest in Enterprise edition. Generally you will spend less on Community version extensions to match the Enterprise features than the yearly fee for the Enterprise edition. Mage Enterprise comes with full support from Magento directly. Therefore you should be careful to choose the right platform for your business. If you have any questions, we Aspiration Hosting can help you.