Everything you need to know about Magento Enterprise

As you all know Magento comes with 2 editions, Community and Enterprise. Magento Enterprise is the premium paid version. Those who are not enough with Community Edition (CE) can move on to the Enterprise Edition (EE). The CE is absolutely free of cost. 

The EE is fully taken care of by the Magento Support team.  You will get full support through Phone and also emails. It includes everything like Security updates, special features, and exclusive product enhancements.

Features of Magento Enterprise


EE includes more powerful security features (PA-DSS). Both credit card tokenization or advanced payment security is available with it. Also, it is PCI compliant. 


Both editions have the same core but the paid version offers more advanced features. Also, it includes features like minimum advertised price, price and promotion permission, an enhanced catalog and CMS, call center software with assisted shopping etc.

Magento Enterprise


The CE is suitable for smaller web stores with less number of modules. The business which needs more capabilities and features should go with EE. It also comes with full page caching for a smoother shopping experience. Overall performance is much better with the EE.

If you are new to Magento and also you don’t have any sudden future expansions, it is better to start with CE. Otherwise, it makes a lot of sense to invest in EE.  Before choosing the platform for your business, you should have a clear idea about your budget, future expansions, etc. Depending upon them you can lay the foundation. Once you decide the platform, then go for a good quality hosting. Do not compromise in the quality of hosting. Free and cheap hosting will destroy your business. Think twice before choosing. Even your small business will become a great success with good quality hosting services. Do not irritate your visitors. Your hosting provider can support you with any of such issues. 

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