Best Magento Social Media Extensions – Share, Login & Sell etc.

Magento is an eCommerce platform which helps online store owners from every aspect. So to manage meta tags, data feeds, canonical URLs and much more you need extensions. Therefore in this article, we are providing some extensions. Alongside top Magento facebook extensions.

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What are Social Extensions? For example, Magento Facebook Extension

In general, to create new accounts on a website is a real headache. So if the customers see they have to fill their information again and create new accounts more often, it might create a negative impact. So using social login can play a very crucial part as it does not consume much time which is efficient for the customers. Either you might want to use, for example, Magento Facebook Store – A FB version of the same store for Social Marketing purpose. Here, these Social login extensions come in to play. Many of the extensions connect your Magento Blog or products by using simple sharing button. By using these extensions you can directly share your products as FB post for SM purpose.

Magento Social Login From MiniOrange

This social media plugin from MiniOrange combines both social login and social shares features. Overall the accounts from over 30 social networks enable users to sign in to your website. Also, it is optimized for all devices. Furthermore, it also allows you to add icons to the login page, registration page, etc. Moreover, after logging in or logging out, you can point the users to the page you want by using the set direction option. Lastly, this extension is free of cost.

Magento Social Login from Magestore

By the Magento users from all over the world, this extension has received 5 stars. As it is 100% open source and easy to set up. Furthermore, it is fully responsive and supports up to 18 social accounts. Furthermore, you can edit the order of social login buttons and also change the place of social login bar in various positions.

Magestore is very much famous for its excellent support that’s why people don’t hesitate to pay $99 for the services. In fact, you will receive free updates and a one year support also.

Social Share Buttons by Magento

Nowadays people love to share stuff with others. According to the study, about 46% of responders share online content. In that case, for example, the Magento Facebook store comes handy. Hence, people should be provided with a way that they can share with ease. As a result, Magento social media provides simple share buttons to install and use.

Sociable by aheadWorks

One of the leading providers of Magento extensions is Sociable which is developed by aheadWorks. Thus, social networks like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg and many more are offered by this extension. Furthermore, to help you improve your marketing strategy it provides analytics about the number of shares and type of products. You can get this extension at a price of $99.


Firstly, AddThis is a free extension which allows users to share content to 220+ social networks. Secondly, you can also see detailed analytics by the sign in up for a free AddThis account. It will show which services people are using for sharing, what contents they are showing and etc.

Social Comments Extension

As a matter of fact, users hate filling registration forms. Hence, using social accounts to leave comments and reviews are a great simple method without wasting much time.

AheadWorks Facebook Link

To put up this extension you will be needed to spend $99. It combines Facebook login, like, follow and commenting functionality. By your Facebook account, you can easily leave a comment and reviews.

Amasty’s Facebook Review

In the first place, just like Facebook Link this extension also helps the users to post comments and reviews using a Facebook account. But you can get Amasty’s Facebook Review at of no cost as its free. By modifying CSS you can also change the general look of reviews block.

Social Marketing

One of the most efficient marketing channels is a Social network. By 2020, the share of marketing budgets spent on social media will rise from 11% to 24%.

Facebook and Twitter Promo

Facebook and Twitter Promo extension boost up the audience size. It offers you discounts for joining your company in social networks. It generates a unique coupon code for each user. To advertise the discount it provides banners also. Moreover, it is in your hands whether to enable or disable the selective banner. For their services, it will cost you around $89.


SocialRebate makes your customer into active promoters. Thus when you checkout you just need to share their message in social networks. As a result, you will earn a percentage on money spent back. Furthermore, you will need to pay $0 for their services.

Social Stores

Some of the Magento extensions can easily import your Magento store to a social network.  Thus it helps to start selling using social accounts.

Facebook Store Application

Without any coding and design skills, Facebook Store Application automatically imports your Magento store to Facebook. Furthermore, in all currencies Facebook store is available. Also, we can customize any language  into our Facebook store. It will cost you $9.99 – $69.99 per month.

Social Commerce Platform – Beetailer

Beetailer will charge you around $0 – $80 per month. It integrates Magento store with Facebook. Also lets you to create and automate promotions. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to share purchases using Facebook or Twitter.

In Conclusion, there are many more extensions alongside top Magento facebook extensions which can ease your work. Also, the customers can be satisfied too. If you have personally use any of the extensions mentioned above you can share your experience in the comment section.