How to Get Magento Hosted with Confidence on Aspiration

The power of Magento is recognized world wide. And this is most notably going to be the case when Adobe buys Magento. Think of all the advances Magento will make under Adobe’s patronage. With this in mind, can you really think about using any other eCommerce software than Magento. The out of the box concept is truly out of this world. Giving business owners a shorter time to setup and thus allowing them to sell much faster. Magento even gives you the control to choose your own host. Like Aspiration Hosting – Magento hosted sites get much more than a simple hosting plan. Check out the features we offer.

Magento Hosted Features:

Cloud with SSD drives

Everyone agrees that the cloud is one of the best technological advances of this century. The ability to setup from anywhere in the world via the internet is remarkable. Our cloud hosting plans come with SSD drives that are 20 times faster than anything else in the market. Thius your store speed increases from the first instance. A thing which Google loves and surely your customers will do as well.

In addition, we have worldwide locations like London, California, Singapore and also Sydney. You choose the server location which is closest to your customers. This again helps in page loads.

Uptime Consideration

Ever gone to a store only to be disappointed by their “CLOSED” sign or the equivalent “Site Offline”. Well Aspiration Hosting guarantees a 99% uptime. We even follow that up with an SLA.

Back up is Important

Everyone needs to back up their online business. We even do that on our desktop computers to prevent losing our important data. With Aspiration Hosting you never have to fever loss of data. We daily backup your site in different ways, thus ensuring you are never lost in the world wide web.

In conclusion, choose Aspiration Hosting. We have Magento cloud hosting and dedicated cloud servers. Also check out our latest Magento as a Service MagePlus Online plan. Talk to us, we are what you were always looking for…

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