Magento Hosting Canada – 5 Reasons Why Cloud is Best

Magento is just as popular with the Canadian people as the US. The simplicity of setting up a business online transcends all borders. As is the norm, Magento doesn’t come with any hosting. Magento hosting Canada isn’t difficult if you know what you are looking for in a hosting plan. Check out five reasons why cloud is best for hosting.

Magento Hosting Canada – 5 Reasons

Cloud is Best

Cloud hosting plans work well with Magento. They are flexible and also have the scale ability which allows you to accommodate visitors during peak periods. Another great benefit is the ability to upgrade the resources, as and when needed. And the change happens instantly, without any downtime. Also most cloud plans offer SSD drives, which are twenty times faster than anything else in the market.

Cache is Must

Google appreciates sites that load faster than two seconds. And this is the goal of every site online. However you can speed up even more using a cache. LiteMage is a Magento cache extension that is three times faster than any other Varnish and Apache cache combos.

Security is Always

Customers rely on your ability to keep their transactions safe. This is also one of the reasons why SSL certificates are no long optional. The HTTPS with the lock symbol shows people that your site is secure and that all transactions between the browser and server are safe.

Magento Hosting Canada
Scan every week to make sure no virus or malware is on your site.

Scanning is Compulsory

Regular scans for virus and malware is necessary to keep the server and your site safe. Also use SpamExperts or similar for your emails to check all outgoing and incoming mails.

Speed for Content

Servers that are closer to your customers speed up page loads. This makes Google even happy. Most Content Delivery Network has more than 50 relay stations that save pieces of the content to be downloaded as and when needed.

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