5 things you should consider while choosing Magento Hosting Provider

Are you planning to switch to Magento platform? Aspiration Hosting is here to help you. We are one of the best Magento Hosting Provider. Magento is an open source eCommerce platform which provides full control for the online merchants over their website. It also offers great flexibility and scalability. There are some important factors you must consider before you choose your Magento Hosting Provider.

Factors to consider before choosing Magento Hosting Provider

1. Availability of Managed hosting

Most of the online store holders think that they can manage their own host, but practically it is not an easy way. Because managing a host needs high technical support. So you need to keep an expertise 24 hours to solve the issues that arise at any time. Therefore it will be more easy for a store owner to choose their hosting from the best provider. Before choosing the provider you must aware of the support they are offering. Because any downtime due to any issues will affect the business very badly.

2. Speed

Nobody likes to slow down their store. No customers will wait for a long time to load the services they required. Because a lot of other options are available today. Nobody likes to waste their time spending on a slower website. We Aspiration Hosting uses LiteMage Cache to supercharge your Magento store. Our servers are fully optimized for LiteMage Cache, the world’s fastest Magento full page cache.

3. Server Location

Most of the store owners don’t know where is their server location. If you are targetting the customers in Australia, then you should choose a server location near to Australia for good loading speed. This will also affect your website SEO. Aspiration Hosting has server locations in U.S, U.K Singapore and Sydney.

Magento Hosting Provider

4. Storage

Storage is another factor you should consider. Aspiration Hosting uses SSD storage which is the fastest storage drive available today. To ensure the best performance and disk input-output performance we couple SSD with our 10Gbps backend network.

5. Support

Without a well-guaranteed support, it will be difficult for an online store to withstand in this highly competitive world. So before choosing your provider please be sure about their support. Better to choose 24/7 supporting team. Because in an online store nobody can predict when an order will come up. So there should be a technical team who are willing to solve issues at any time. Aspiration Hosting has a well experienced technical team who are experts in solving Magento issues. We offer 24/7 topnotch technical support.

For any queries please visit Aspiration Hosting. Our sales and the Technical team are always there to help you. We have thousands of satisfied clients all over the world. You can check our customer reviews on our website.