Magento Hosting Review – 3 Key Points to Think About

Searching for a host for your Magento store can be tough. You have to look at so many points, and research various hosting sites before you can settle on a plan. There are a lot of things to consider, but one of the most important is reviews. Magento hosting review by genuine customers gives an inside glimpse on how the host woks. Let’s look at three key points you need to think about.

Magento Hosting Review – 3 Key Points:

Hosting plan features

Reviews can tell a lot about the host especially the plans they offer. Some customers recommend certain plans, the reasons why they chose that particular plan and how the Magento store functions on this hosting plan.

  • Speed
  • Storage Space
  • Magento Edition minimum RAM requirement
  • Number of processors allocated and if they were sufficient
  • How easy it was to install the Magento program
  • Did they help in installing the theme or extensions
Magento Hosting Review
92% of people read reviews online before deciding to buy.

Server Reliability

Servers are the backbone of any Magento store. If they aren’t stable, the whole foundation of your store crumbles. Reviews can show if there are any issues with the server reliability. Cloud hosting plans usually have a minimum downtime impact, but this all depends on the vigilance of the host.

  • Is there an uptime guarantee
  • Did it come with an SLA
  • Was the server really 99% online
  • And also were there any maintenance issues

Customer Support Response

The last point, but the most important thing to read about in reviews it the customer support response. Many hosts talk about having customer care round the clock, but do they really follow through with the claims.

  • How can you contact the customer support
  • What is the response time
  • How fast was the Magento store problem resolved
  • Also were they available 24 * 7
  • Were they knowledgeable about Magento

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