5 Mistakes to Avoid When Searching Magento Hosting Services

Magento is a program that allows you to setup your store online without any limitations. Almost all the features are offered in the free version of Magento. The one thing however that you don’t get is Magento hosting services. For that you need to seek elsewhere. But before settling on a plan, let’s look at 5 mistakes you should avoid.

Magento Hosting Services – 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Choosing the wrong plan

Magento is a professional eCommerce plan. However many times store owners choose the wrong plan without understanding how complex the program is. Cloud hosting plans are better for Magento, but dedicated cloud servers are the best. Free hosting however should never be considered as it stilts the Mage program. Also, be on the look out for SSD drives in the plan, these are 20 times faster, and can increase the store speed.

Underestimating the resources needed

Magento demands a lot of disk space and memory. Along with enough horsepower in the processors for the program to run smoothly without lagging. A minimum of 2GB of memory, and 10-30 GB of storage is necessary.

Magento Hosting Services
More choices in server location is good as you can select the server closer to your customers.

Not thinking about customer location

Choose the server location based on where your maximum customers reside. For example, if your business is in Singapore, but most of your customers are from the UK, choosing a London server location is wise. This helps speed page loads for your customers, and also keep Google happy.

Adding resource hog extensions

Extensions can bog down your store speed. Thus careful consideration has to be made when choosing which extensions to use. You can also use cache like LiteMage, which is 3 times more efficient in speeding up your page loads. And also CDN, which saves pieces of the site on different servers to increase the speed of page retrieval for the customer.

Not reading up on customer support reviews

And finally, not reading reviews is a faux pas. A recent study shows that 40% of people read 1-3 reviews to form an opinion about the product, service or company. You get an inside view of what the company is all about. How fast the customer support people are, the different hosting plans, and also any recurring issues or concerns.

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