Magento Hosting Singapore – 3 Ways that make You Host Right

Magento has always gone above and beyond other eCommerce platforms, to give a truly unique online experience. With out of the box features, no limitations, a fully compliant free edition and tons of ways to create reports, the program offers so much more than just the basics. However the one thing Magento doesn’t offer is hosting space. For this, Mage owners must look at the world and select the best Magento hosting Singapore partner for them. Before choosing, let’s look at some features you should be aware of when host shopping.

Magento Hosting Singapore
Shopping trends over the years shows how popular eCommerce is globally.

Magento Hosting Singapore Partner – Important Features:

Know which plan suits Magento:

Magento is a huge program that does demand a lot from the server. Because of this, optimized Magento hosting server is the best option. And if you truly want a smoother running Magento store, opt for cloud plans. Cloud works in similar ways like Magento, providing flexibility, and easy to upgrade functionality.

Aspiration Hosting gives SSD storage space, minimum 2GB memory, and diverse locations. You can choose from Singapore and also Sydney, California in the US and London, UK.

Cache to curb slow stores:

Magento has been known to run slow when it is bogged by numerous extensions. Cache is the easiest way to combat this. Aspiration Hosting plans come with LiteMage cache, which is 3 times more efficient than Varnish.

Server upkeep:

A happy server helps keep customers happy. Server upkeep is essential to hosting plans. All maintenance work on the servers should be done in a timely fashion to avoid store issues. With cloud this is not a problem as the way the system is designed, if a server becomes bad, you are shifted to another working server. The entire process is automatic, and you won’t even notice the difference.

Try Aspiration Hosting plans – cloud hosting, dedicated cloud server and also the fully managed Magento MagePlus plan. For more details, chat with our people today.