How to install Mage in Local server?? WampServer – Installation – Pt02

Here we’ll continue with Magento installation steps for WampServer. So, follow this simple step by step tutorial to install or move Magento into WampServer.

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Magento installation steps – Moving Magento in Wamp

1. First go to the Download folder and find the Mage Community Ed. ZIP file.

2. Secondly extract the ZIP file using winrar or winzip etc.

3. Now Copy/Cut the unzipped folder or file.

4. Next go to the Local Disk (C:) . Here we assumed the WampServer is allocated under the partition Local Disk (C:).

Magento installation steps

5. Here we’ll find a folder “Wamp”. If not don’t forget to check the folder “Program Files or Program Files x86”. Either we can also chose any location for WampServer installation.

6. However paste the entire Mage folder under Wamp> www DIR.

7. Further using browser type in localhost/FolderName. If you name the Mage folder as “MySite”. Here we’ll type localhost/MySite. And remember the folder name is case sensitive and we can’t use any space.

Magento installation steps – Installing Magento

8. Likewise any other Mage installation wait till a Mage setup screen pops up.

9. Next Click . Now Mage will run “check dependencies” to ensure the Wamp is ready to continue with setup process.


10. So, press to continue setup.

11. If everything goes perfect click the button in top right corner of the screen.

12. Note: Don’t close the tab and open a new tab.

In the next and final part we’ll setup DB and later finalize the installation.

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