Magento MySQL configuration for remote connection – Part 1

Magento MySQL config for remote access. Why?

Before we begin with the configuration, we need to have a clear vision about the use of remote connections. Basically, we will discuss here the remote connection of a Magento web node to a MySQL server in a different host. So, Magento MySQL config is a must do task for someone using a separate database host.

Web Node is a server you have installed the Mage software on. Specifically, the web node runs the web server operations.

Note: Our hosting recommends to config Mage MySQL database with an experienced Database admin. Also, the admin must be logged in to MySQL as root in the file system.

Pre- config tasks

However, following are the task to be completed before beginning with Magento MySQL config for remote access.

Firstly, Install MySQL server for the database.

Secondly in database create a DB instance.

Thirdly in Mage web node install the MySQL client. Please see MySQL documentations here.

Database clusters

If the DB server or web server has clump issues. Here are the guidelines to follow to setup remote access in the Mage MySQL DB.

Let’s start with the configuration of a web server node connection. Generally, we configure database connections into a DB load balancer. Moreover, the DB cluster is a complex process for sure. So, Mage has no general recommendations for DB clumping.

Hence for more info on DB clustering see Mage documentations.

Connection issues – How to solve?

However, start with pinging the separate host. Next make sure it’s reachable in case you’re having any connection issues. Then make changes in to the firewall settings. Hence allow the firewall to connect one host to another. If you use the “SELinux” do the same by allowing connections with other hosts.

In part 2 we will include all coding. Please follow the next article at the link below.

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